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Dreaming Of: The Perfect Camera Bag

Now that I am an avid user of a Digital SLR camera (a Nikon D5000 to be exact), I have been hankering for not only new lenses (or just one new one for now), but also for a more roomy and cute camera bag.

When I bought my camera, I added on an inexpensive kit that included this camera bag:

image Rokinon Leather-Style Holster SLR Carrying Case

It does pretty much all I need it to do right now, seeing as I usually don’t go anywhere, so I don’t need to take my camera with me, and I only have the kit lens that came with the camera, so I don’t need any extra storage.  This little carrying case will always be useful when I am on the go and only need one lens, but I plan on purchasing a new lens in the near future and will want more storage, as well as for papers, filters, my point and shoot camera, as well as room to grow.

Here are some options that meet my camera bag requirements that it must be cute and have organized space for me to grow into.

imageVituri Digital SLR Camera Bag in Brown

image The Bowler Camera Bag

This Bowler Camera Bag does not give me much more storage, but boy is it cute!


The bags from this website are incredibly cute, but out of my price range.

image Large Purple Synthetic Leather Bag

I wouldn’t say this is the cutest bag, but it has a fair amount of room.

image 5 Million Dollar Home

image Jill-e Nylon Camera Bag – Yellow

image Classic Messenger 2010

For some extra cash, you can also design a custom bag on this website.

image SNUGGLENS DSLR Padded Camera and Lens Carrier Bag

image Digital SLR Camera Bag and Lens Case


image Custom DEEP MOXY Camera Bag

The nice thing about the Etsy camera bag sellers is that a lot of them custom make the camera bags to your specifications.  That, and they tend to be less expensive.

However, as a college student who already spent a lot of money on the camera itself, I found one awesome alternative.  See this camera bag?

image It is also a custom bag, but it comes with a tutorial!  I figure I have some time to wait before I need a camera bag and by that time I will probably be done with the semester and will have time for a project this demanding.  It’s the perfect way to practice my sewing skills, save money, and come out with a completely custom camera bag all for myself!  What do you think?

If you have a camera, any type of camera, what kind of case do you keep it in?  Have you ever tackled a project like this before?

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3 comments to Dreaming Of: The Perfect Camera Bag

  • I was just about to suggest that you make yourself one! Haha, then I saw the last part of your post. You can totally do it! :)

    I used my parents old digital camera for awhile, but it was big and bulky (it was pretty old), and a few years ago I got my current camera as a Christmas gift. I love it! It’s a Canon Digital Elf, but it’s small enough to take with me wherever I go (you never know when the mood will strike!) and it takes some awesome photos. The funny thing is, I’m still learning about some features on it, such as the exposure settings, and I’m sure there are others that I’ve never even tinkered with! I keep it in a tight leather protective sleeve/pouch, and always keep it with me in my purse… so I suppose my purse is my camera bag. :)

  • Valerie

    A lot of the bags are pretty, hard to believe they are camera bags. I would want to make sure they were sturdy enough to protect the camera and lenses. To make one you would have to be sure your sewing machine could handle the material you are going to need. Sometimes you need an upholstery machine that does really heavy duty fabric/leather sewing.

  • I spent many weeks searching for the perfect bag too! I thought about making my own. Eventually I decided on this Domke bag, and I really love it:

    It has tons of room, and it’s customizable by moving the insert (or getting different inserts). Really well made too.

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