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My Semester Pledge + Thrifty Finds

I am back at my apartment for school and have decided I need to change my spending habits.  After buying my digital SLR camera I realized I like to buy things, and although I think I am better at not spending my money on frivolous things than a lot of people my age, I can still do better.  San and I have promised one another that we will only go out to eat three times together over the course of the next three and a half months.  Even though we both love to cook (he is in the food business and graduated from culinary school as a pastry chef), we are tired on the weekends and go out to eat instead of making food ourselves.  This adds up every week and is unnecessary, so we’re cutting it out.

I have personally pledged to buy as little as I can from retail stores.  Instead, any clothing, home accessories, cooking items, etc. will be purchased second-hand from consignment stores.  San and I like to walk around stores when we spend time together because it is free, but in reality, it causes me to splurge on things I don’t need, and when I say

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A Dress To Impress

This summer my mom decided it was time for me to learn to sew my own clothing. Her idea and my idea totally collided when we both suggested I have my first clothing item made by me be a dress! I used to be anti-feminine everything (in high school when I was still really lame and emotional), but now I am all about feminine flair and LOVE dresses (although I am hardly ever brave enough to wear them). We headed to the fabric store and picked a pattern for a “somewhat simple” dress. Here is what I picked – a McCall’s

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