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Tackling the Bedroom Bookcase Head On: Part One

I feel like such a hypocrite.  A decorating hypocrite.  A high-styled bookcase-loving hypocrite.  You see, I posted about how knowledge can be pretty (AKA – bookcases can be more than just books in a row) but then I showed you all this hideously organized bookcase found in my bedroom at my parents’ house. 

imageBut, to make myself look a little better, here’s what it looked like before I made the above attempt to organize and style the bookcase.

DSCN3531 I guess it looked neater, but very bare and boring at the same time.  When I rearranged everything after looking at this boring arrangement for far too long I tried doing what designers suggest – mixing in art/accessories, stacking books in different directions, and creating groupings of interesting pieces.  However, I think I failed, but not because I have no style (which I suppose is still debatable), but because the books themselves are just too colorful which makes any groupings and stylings seem cluttered and distracting.

As soon as I walk into my room, my

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