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Pink Rose-Inspired College Bedroom

Lately I’ve been inspired by pink, green, and blue, which are also the colors in my bedroom at college. I was looking around online and came across this image at Overstock.

I decided to create a whole college bedroom around this artwork. I wanted it to be bright and airy to match the picture and also because the weather in Minnesota lately has been very dark and dreary. I really love how it turned out. I tried to find everything fairly cheap and some parts of it are DIY, which I will explain later in the post.

Here’s a rundown of everything:

Christina Tsi Kramer ‘Pink Roses’ Gallery Art – $46.49
Poppy Fields Duvet Cover – Twin for $79.00
Home Rocky River Window Sheer – $12.34 per panel
Hand-woven Shag Solo Honey White Rug – 4 foot round (for a small dorm room) $79.89
ASPELUND Nightstand – $39.99
MIKAEL Desk – $49.99
ANEBODA 3 drawer chest – $69.99
JONSBO ORÖD Table lamp base – $39.99
Translucent Fabric Task Chair Collection – $29.99

Total: $460.01

Then, the desk is painted Koala Bear by Behr which is a light shade of gray. The clear panels in each of the dresser drawers are covered

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Polka-Dotted Inspiration

I have created a super simple tutorial for creating a fabric covered bulletin board on a budget. The obstacle I faced was that I did not want to spend money on fabric that was going to be permanently attached to a bulletin board because the colors of my apartment are different than my room at home with my parents. I also wanted to make something else out of the fabric at a later time, so I had to find a way to attach the fabric without permanently fixing it to the cork.

I started with a fairly large bulletin board and one yard of this green polka dot fabric I got from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store. It is a home decor fabric, so it is thick and very

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Thankful Thursday: A Renewable World

Lately everyone’s been crazy about “going green” and using renewable resources. I know that this can sometimes be costly, but I try to do as much as I can with my small budget to give back to the environment. This may seem off topic for Thankful Thursday, but what I am truly thankful for this week is our renewable world. This world wasn’t made so that everything just ends at a certain point. Many things, or maybe even most things, can be reconfigured into something new when its time has past.

What fits with my budget that I am so thankful for is used items. I am a lover of garage sales but what I want to try soon is going to estate sales. I have found a lot of them up in the twin cities and really want to check them out. I love vintage items, so this could be a great way for me to purchase vintage things I love for an extremely discounted

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My Humble Abode

So, I’m all moved in and loving my place! I live with three other girls (good friends of mine, thankfully – I know how hard it can be to live with strangers), and we each have our own room and a kitchen with an attached living room that has floor to ceiling windows. It’s great! We have two bathrooms, two huge storage closets, air conditioning, and a fairly large closet in each room. I don’t have pictures of the rest of the apartment, but I do have pictures of my room. It’s definitely not done because I have a lot I want to do to stay crafty this school year, but it’s fine for

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Pretty Pear – An Amazing Find

I few weeks ago, I went to TJ Maxx to find some last-minute items for school. When I walked in, I saw the coolest home accessory I have EVER seen. What was it? A paper mache pear, but it wasn’t just any paper mache pear, it was made out of leaves!! It was so cool, with the perfect shade of green, but I found it to be a tad big (it was about a foot and a half tall by a foot wide) and I did not want to spend twenty dollars on it when I had no idea if it would match anything in my school apartment. I passed it up, but I thought about it for the next two weeks where I scoured online shops and even emailed my favorite Youngsters about it, with no luck. Luckily, I did get some good buys while I was there, which I will share

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