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A Little Blogkeeping

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My goal over my time off from school was to revamp this blog baby of mine by making it look better (check) and making it more user-friendly (check in progress).  I have also been adding things to make my blog more interactive and to reflect me more.  I’d like to let everyone in on the few changes I’ve made so you can be in the know and you can get to know me a little better.

1) I have created an Amazon store that simply houses all of the products I use and love.  I have seen other bloggers do this and think this is a much easier way of promoting products I use (without any incentive from the manufacturers of the products but a small incentive from Amazon if anyone buys one of the products I list) than answering emails over and over.  Plus, I think it lets everyone in on a little bit of my life that the blog itself does not always reflect.  You can find the button that links to my Amazon store on the right sidebar.

2) In conjunction with the

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Think About It Thursday: Why Do We Have So Much Stuff?

For the past two weeks, I have been rummaging through my basement in order to separate things I want to keep and things I want to sell for the garage sale my friends and I will be putting on this summer to help pay for our road trip.  I also have been packing to back to school this Saturday.  I have been asking myself the same question over and over again, hoping that the more I say it the more clear the answer will be.

Why do we have so much stuff?

Why do I have so much stuff?

Why do Americans have so much stuff?

Why do girls have so much stuff?

Why do kids have so much stuff?

It just goes on and on with no definitive answer, but it’s been eating away at me.  Sure, growing up as the only child in my house (I do have an older brother but he was in college by the time I was four years old) meant I had more than kids with many siblings, but room was never overflowing with useless things.  Yet, somehow, even after separating all the items into keep and sell piles, I still have a ton of stuff I can’t get

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Posting Soon To Come

I just wanted to drop in quickly to let you all know that my internet is not working. I can barely load one page much less upload a post. It took a few hours to post the omelet post on Tuesday after many failed attempts. I hate breaking from my normal Monday-Friday schedule, but I can promise that as soon as the internet is up and running again, I will be back on schedule.


A New Year – A New Look

I was really sick of looking at the generic old layout I had put up just to make the switch from my old domain to the new one. Well, it’s not so new anymore, so I came up with something completely different. I wanted it to look more sleek and fit with what Dream In Domestic is all about. Now that everything looks the part, I’m hoping to add more content aimed at new ideas, crafts, and budget-friendly tips and tricks. Stay tuned!


Favorite Christmas Traditions

I love everything about Christmas.  From opening presents, to eating a nice meal, to watching A Christmas Story over an over all day, I love it all.  One of the things I want to do more of, however, leading up to Christmas is to read Christmas stories and books.  At the bigger book stores, Christmas books are expensive, and with presents to buy and my tight budget, I just can’t afford them.  I dream about reading them all the time, but usually don’t get a chance to because of limited time and no money.  However, this year will be different.

San and I have a new favorite store, Half Price Books.  It is a used bookstore full of lots of books, magazines, computer games, and much more.  Some of the magazines there came out the same month, so it really can save you money without sacrificing anything in return.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole section dedicated to Christmas books at prices I could actually afford.  I thought of buying a whole book with a Christmas theme, but settled on two books of short stories because I have hardly any time with finals going on this week to read

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