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Picnic-Inspired Valentine’s Day Tableau

I had a vision of the perfect Valentine’s Day over the weekend that would work for a romantic dinner for two, a plentiful meal for a large family, or even as a buffet-style dinner for a Valentine’s Day party.  Seeing as I’m a Minnesotan, I have had just about as much as I can take this winter, and the snow doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, in fact it just keeps on falling every day.  All the snow had me dreaming of a summertime picnic filled with bright, happy colors, and warm rays shooting down from the sky.  Unfortunately, unless I’m willing to have a picnic full of frostbite, this vision will not be able to become a reality for at least a few months, but I decided to create a Valentine’s Day tableau that involves bringing the outdoors in.


I started it all out with this quilt (which is over 50% off right now), but I imagine many people have a quilt or blanket of some type they could use to drape over the table.  I suppose you could even do it in the

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Trash That’s Not Trashy

After rearranging my room at my parent’s house, I got to thinking about garbage.  Not because I had piles of trash everywhere, which you would never know if I did or not because I would have shoved it out of the way for the pictures.  Trust me, I’m not that messy.  But anyway, I got to thinking about garbage because I have three trash cans in my bedroom/bathroom.  One big one for things that I would need to throw away here and there that I don’t want to walk all the way to the kitchen to throw away.  One small one under my vanity for things like q-tips and kleenex.  Then there is one small one in my bathroom which used to sit next to the toilet but now is discreetly hidden in the sink cabinet.

I don’t know about all of you, but I like to have a waste basket close at hand so that I don’t have to trek far to throw something away.  I know it is customary to have them in bathrooms and kitchens, but I’m wondering if anyone of you have them in other rooms in the house such as in the living room, bedrooms, kid’s

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Tackling the Bedroom Bookcase Head On: Part Three

….Or “Six tips for arranging your accessories and book on a bookcase.”

If you haven’t read the first two parts yet, please read about the initial bookcase dilemma and the real problem with the room.  Today is the big, okay well it’s not very big, so I will refer to it as a modest reveal.  After moving the bookcase between the two doors and playing around with the displays, I think I had it down.  I wanted everything to be very personal but to also reflect the room. 

Let’s see how I did.  Here’s where it initially started before I tried to revamp it the first time.


Here it is after the failed revamp.

image  Here is the finished bookcase in all its chocolate brown glory.

imageimage What do you think?  Any commenters from yesterday still think it needs some contrasting element in the back?  The only thing

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3 Ways To Keep The Holiday Warmth During the New Year

I don’t know about you, but I find packing up all of the holiday decorations sad.  It is hard for me to let go of the happiness and warmth that comes along with Christmas decor.  I have come up with three simple ways to remedy this sadness by finding ways to keep the warmth of the holiday season to signify that winter is still here without any Santa, snowmen, or garland decorations looming after they’ve worn out their welcome.

DSC_02021. Keep the scents of the holiday seasons diffusing through your home.  I have heard that smells trigger memory better than anything else.  Nothing says warmth and winter more for me than the scents of pumpkin pie spice, warm vanilla, cinnamon, and cranberry.  Many times the smell of your house can contribute to the overall “feel” just as much as the design scheme.  If you want your home to feel cozy, warm, and wintery, keep your favorite scents in the house until spring emerges.  You can bake cookies from time to time to keep the smell going or light some candles.  I think this can really add to

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New Obsession: Ornately Carved Frames

During my room tour, I showed a few ornately carved frames. I have noticed that lately these have been catching my eye more and more. I have realized that I like clean lines, but I also like the ornate traditional style in small doses. These frames are the perfect amount of detail in one tiny package that I drool over! I like them so much that when I see them I buy them in all the colors they offer because I can’t decide. I love them all! Here are some that I found that I love (including two that were in my

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