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Think About It Thursday: Why Do We Love Black and White

I don’t know about you, but I love color.  I love pops of blues and greens, maybe sprinkle in some pink.  I envy a room with crisp whites and bundles of colorful joy in little nooks and crannies – just enough to make you swoon.  However, I also am obsessed with the lack of color and all colors combined (i.e. black and white).  What is it with these colors, or I suppose I should call them shades, that makes people go crazy?

I mean, take black and white photography for example.  If The Pioneer Woman says something is great, you better listen, and she says black and white photos are like fries, once you have one, you need to have them all.  Look at some of the finalists from her black and white photography contest.

image thedixiechick on Flickr

Explain to me why a rose is beautiful for its gorgeous color, but can be just as gorgeous (maybe even more so in some way) when it has no color at all.  I don’t understand, but sure enough, I’m swooning just as much as you are looking at this

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The Best of Inspiration – 2009

This past year I have completely changed one aspect of my life.  I have always been obsessed passionate about decorating, but I had decided many years ago that there was no point in immersing myself in these things until I had a house of my own.  Well, I realized that was ridiculous because it is something I love.  I decided to look around, find inspiration, and just see where it led me.  If you haven’t noticed yet, it led me to blogging which is now something else I am very passionate about.

I thought I’d delve into my inspiration files and share some of my favorite photos that I found this year.  Now, before looking at all these, I want to preface this by saying that these photos are not the most amazing rooms I have ever seen.  I have seen some gorgeous rooms that I could add here, but the photos I normally save to my inspiration files are rooms I think I could actually incorporate into my home in the future, or ones that I could take elements from to recreate.  I see plenty of rooms that are spectacular, but that do not look like “home” to me and

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Home Room

After packing up all of my crap and hauling it out, I realized my room looked pretty good. Sad isn’t it? It looks good when I’m not living there anymore. But, I’m over it. I took a bunch of pictures and thought I would share

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