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Thankful Thursday – The Education of a Lifetime

Even though the beginning of a new school year can be a little daunting, I can’t help but appreciate the education I am lucky enough to receive. I feel so blessed to be able to go to the school I go to and to actually do well at it. A lot of people go to school and party, but that just isn’t me. Seriously, I have a decorating/craft blog! I just cannot see myself wasting something so beneficial and something I am so lucky to receive. Sure, I’m going to be paying for it for a long time, but even if I don’t land a job right away with our economy the way it is, I will never regret it because it has been a life-changing experience. I have learned so much already, not even just about academic things, but about life. I have taken philosophy courses about what it means to be a human person and about ethics. These will benefit me and my understanding of the world and people around me more than most classes one takes in college. I also took a class on Christian marriage, as well as two other theology courses. I feel so much more prepared for marriage, but know that I also am not ready for that yet. I know a lot about psychology, music, Spanish, English, family-related topics, history, math, science, and so much more! I am supremely lucky to have these resources available to me that have already made a huge impact on my

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Thankful Thursday – Look Around You

I have decided to make every Thursday “Thankful Thursday.” It will be a time when I reflect on something I am thankful for. This Thursday I would like to write about how thankful I am to be surrounded by such beauty. Seriously, could the natural world be a more beautiful place? I’m from Minnesota, so we see it all here. I know what a real winter looks like, and I try to find beauty in that (it only last until Christmas and then the beauty is gone in my eyes, which is pessimistic I know). But summer is so incredibly beautiful, so beautiful, I think, that sometimes we take it for granted. It’s like getting used to a beautiful painting in your home. You walk by it enough and you kind of forget its there or how wonderful it is. Think of how many times you never even see the sky – one of the most beautiful backdrops there is. It’s a shame really. I try my hardest to always recognize the beautiful world surrounding me and remind myself to thank God for creating such a beautiful world. As much as I love architecture and houses, sometimes it saddens me how so much beauty is lost when towns and cities are created. Sure, someone can recreate nature, but real, raw nature is beautiful, too. The world is not a perfectly manicured place. I usually prefer imperfection over perfection, anyway. So, thank you God for giving us such a beautiful place to spend each and every day of our lives in and for helping us to recognize it at least every once in a

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