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A Little Bit of Christmas Decorating

My apartment isn’t very big and I will only be here two more weeks, so I didn’t want to go overboard with the decorating.  Also, I have three other roommates, so I have to consider their tastes when decorating.  I decided to make an ornament wreath using Eddie Ross’ tutorial.  I started with purple, silver, and gold large ornaments and some blue and silver small ornaments that were either purchased at Goodwill, Home Goods, or given to by friends.

Then I took a wire hanger and some hot glue and went to town.   One tip: Go overboard on the hot glue.  I did not and once I got to the finishing ornaments, others started to pop off which led to some cursing and frustration which left the wreath sitting on the floor for a couple weeks.  It is not easy to put the ornaments back on once they pop off, so use lots of hot glue!  Here is the finished project!  I love it! A Little Bit of Christmas Decorating

My Humble Abode

So, I’m all moved in and loving my place! I live with three other girls (good friends of mine, thankfully – I know how hard it can be to live with strangers), and we each have our own room and a kitchen with an attached living room that has floor to ceiling windows. It’s great! We have two bathrooms, two huge storage closets, air conditioning, and a fairly large closet in each room. I don’t have pictures of the rest of the apartment, but I do have pictures of my room. It’s definitely not done because I have a lot I want to do to stay crafty this school year, but it’s fine for

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Home Room

After packing up all of my crap and hauling it out, I realized my room looked pretty good. Sad isn’t it? It looks good when I’m not living there anymore. But, I’m over it. I took a bunch of pictures and thought I would share

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