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Big Crafts In My Future

While I was on talking about my therapeutic cleaning yesterday, I posted this picture: What’s boring, dull, and bland all over?  Definitely my bulletin board.  I have big plans of reinventing it, but all week I have been trying to figure out what to do since I want to cover it with fabric in a more permanent fashion than last time but there is no way to remove the frame and reattach it later.  Today, I was impulsive and decided to just cut the corkboard out of the frame.

     Now I can either staple, tack, or tape the fabric to the back.  I think I will add some ribbon in a criss-cross pattern so that I don’t have to tack everything on and ruin pictures.  However, all

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Getting My Craft On – One Flower At A Time

Looking for some super cute artwork? I found this great tutorial at Living With Lindsay. She seriously has some of the best tutorials. I want to recreate everything she does! I loved this project so much that I pretty much recreated it with dollar store frames and all. I have not put any paper behind them yet, but may in the future. I also would like to cut out some of my green polka-dotted fabric to make leaves. Here is the project from start to finish:

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DIY Framed Inspirational Quote

So, remember when I mentioned my love for ornately carved frames? Well, apparently my roommate who is having the birthday this week likes them too. I picked up this cute light pink one at Home Goods for $7.99. Isn’t it cute?

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New Obsession: Ornately Carved Frames

During my room tour, I showed a few ornately carved frames. I have noticed that lately these have been catching my eye more and more. I have realized that I like clean lines, but I also like the ornate traditional style in small doses. These frames are the perfect amount of detail in one tiny package that I drool over! I like them so much that when I see them I buy them in all the colors they offer because I can’t decide. I love them all! Here are some that I found that I love (including two that were in my

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