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A Banner That Will Make You Smile

I felt that my room needed something else to make it feel more “complete.”  I wanted to do something crafty that I could hang on my walls which are still a little bare that would bring color and happiness into the room.  I decided to make a banner to hang above my window.  I was inspired by Kate’s thankful banner and Meg’s peace banner.  I had first wanted my banner to say “Imagine” because it is something I’m doing all the time and it is a variation of “dream.”  I decided it would be too long, however so I chose “smile.”  The word smile makes me happy and I thought it would help to remind me to not get overly stressed out from school.

I gathered my supplies and I got to work.  I used glitter, tacky glue, white ribbon, a sponge to spread the glue with, scissors, five sheets of thick scrapbook paper (not the flimsy kind), scissors, and a large sheet of tagboard.  I picked out colors that would work both in my room at my apartment but also at my room at home.  I try to make sure I can reuse everything during the summer when I am

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Getting My Craft On – One Flower At A Time

Looking for some super cute artwork? I found this great tutorial at Living With Lindsay. She seriously has some of the best tutorials. I want to recreate everything she does! I loved this project so much that I pretty much recreated it with dollar store frames and all. I have not put any paper behind them yet, but may in the future. I also would like to cut out some of my green polka-dotted fabric to make leaves. Here is the project from start to finish:

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Pretty Pear – An Amazing Find

I few weeks ago, I went to TJ Maxx to find some last-minute items for school. When I walked in, I saw the coolest home accessory I have EVER seen. What was it? A paper mache pear, but it wasn’t just any paper mache pear, it was made out of leaves!! It was so cool, with the perfect shade of green, but I found it to be a tad big (it was about a foot and a half tall by a foot wide) and I did not want to spend twenty dollars on it when I had no idea if it would match anything in my school apartment. I passed it up, but I thought about it for the next two weeks where I scoured online shops and even emailed my favorite Youngsters about it, with no luck. Luckily, I did get some good buys while I was there, which I will share

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