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Revamping Recipes: Belly Buster

I am really getting the hang of making big batches of food every Sunday. This time I made a HUGE casserole (or hotdish as we call them in MN) which could very well feed me every day until next Sunday when it’s time to make something new. I found this recipe called Belly Buster at RecipeZaar. The small amount of ingredients and number of servings (4-6) drew me in. Plus, the pictures had me salivating on my keyboard, so I figured I had to give in and make it. I had to buy most of the ingredients, but that was mainly because I was completely out of almost everything.

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Revamping Recipes: Zucchini-Pepperoni Pizza Frittata

This Sunday I decided I would take a stab at a recipe I found at Better Homes and Gardens. The one thing I try to always have on hand are a small assortment of Italian spices like basil, thyme, parsley, oregano, sage, and marjoram. Buttered noodles with spices is my go-to recipe when I’m craving starches but don’t want to attempt anything complicated. Because of this, the recipe I chose seemed to have a lot of ingredients, but because a lot of them were spices, I was good to

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Thankful Thursday – Magazines and Cookbooks

I must say that living away from home is hard, and although I am thankful for my education it still is a constant struggle for me to get used to living so far that I only see my parent about every six weeks or so. I don’t even know when I will see them next. It’s all a part of growing up, I guess, but growing pains come with

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Revamping Recipes: Utilizing The Day of Rest

I had an epiphany while surfing the web last Friday. I was reading my favorite blogs and stumbled upon Sweetnicks which had a post about Pasta With Chicken Sausage and Broccoli. Cate wrote about cooking this meal which is nutritious and delicious but easy for a family on the go. With only six ingredients, three of which I had on hand, two I could easily switch to something I had on hand, and one that was fairly inexpensive, I made a plan. I hear many people say that they sometimes will make main dishes for their families on the weekends so the weeknights are less stressful but the food is still up to their standards. I thought that since I am almost always only cooking for myself, I should try this, but instead of cooking many dishes, one or two would suffice to last me at least three days throughout the week. I don’t mind repetition when it comes to food, especially if it means an easier meal and more money in my pocket. I decided to try this recipe out for

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Revamping Recipes: A College Survival Guide

Growing up, I always had the luxury of a home-cooked meal every night for supper and multiple on the weekends. My mom is a fabulous cook (who will never admit it) who truly finds happiness by cooking for those she cares about. I’m pretty sure I have inherited this trait, but unfortunately it is hard to cook great meals in college for usually only one person. I like making things, but I do not have the money (and many times the time) to make a hearty home-cooked meal every day of the week. I normally make simple foods that don’t require recipes like wraps, sandwiches, buttered noodles with spices, salads, and many foods that come frozen or in cans. Although this is an easier way to eat, it also is a less tasty way to

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