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Working Through Frustrations to Sew a Beautiful Apron

After getting a new sewing machine for Christmas and looking over many sewing crafts I want to try, I went to a fabric store and bought some fabric to make an apron.  I went with this pattern online, which I would recommend, however I think while I gain sewing skills, I should stick to store bought patterns.  You’ll see why as you read on.

The fabric I chose was a beautiful light blue and chocolate brown fabric pattern and a darker turquoise fabric for the pocket.  I chose a similar color thread and bought a set of four metal D-rings for the adjustable neck strap.  All together, the supplies took me back only about twelve dollars.  Not bad when most aprons of similar quality sell for $30 or more in stores.


Because this pattern was found online, I had to make the pattern using measurements online.  This was very simple, but took a little more time than having the pattern already in my hand.  For a free price tag, however, it was very easy to do.


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New Sewing Machine: Project Round-Up

I had a very wonderful Christmas with my family, and I hope the rest of you did, too.  It saddens me how fast Christmas comes and goes, but hopefully the happiness will last at least until New Year’s, if not longer.

I want to share what my incredible parents gave me for Christmas.  I asked for a new sewing machine since the one I bought for two dollars, was missing a lot of parts.  I wanted something I could grow with.  Boy, was I surprised when I opened this:

51a4zeHCceL._SS400_ It’s another Brother sewing machine that also does embroidery!  It came with a gorgeous case and a thing to wheel it around with.  It is incredible!  It is also computerized so I don’t have to fuss with a lot of mechanical buttons, and I can also download embroidery patterns online and put them on the sewing machine.  I will definitely be able to use this machine for a long time.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  I also got an iron (can you believe I didn’t have one?) and an accessory for the sewing machine that allows me to transfer

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