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Dreaming Of: The Perfect Office Chair

I have already blogged about my perfect house, but that is something I won’t be actually looking into for a few years. Right now, I spend a lot of time at a desk doing homework, blogging, and surfing the web. I use the chair that came with my apartment, which is not very comfy or good looking. This has me dreaming of the perfect office chair. I would draw inspiration from these images:

It would be very plush and comfortable, but maybe not quite as large as the first image.


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Dreaming Of: The Perfect Home

I have been dreaming about my dream house since I was old enough to think about the future, just ask my parents. I never shut up about it. My mom has always been into decorating and crafty things for the home and my dad is carpenter, so it makes sense that I would pick up on these things as well. My dad would take me to work with him and I would either run around the job site he was currently working on, or if I was really lucky, he would have just finished a home that hadn’t been sold yet and he would let me in to have the whole house to myself to play in! I still to this day would still take him up on his offer to do that for me again just to envision what the houses could become. I must say, though, that I tend to like older houses or houses that were inspired by older architecture. I love when they are restored and brought back to life. I tend to be a little simple, however, and could do without the extreme carvings found in some old homes, but I do love

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