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Losing My Sanity to Four Cheap Chairs

I went on a date with the boyfriend last Friday, planning on having a laid back night of shopping for upcoming crafts as well as feasting on delicious southern-style cooking.  However, I find that I have a tendency to mess up plans, especially when furniture is involved.  When we pulled in to the parking lot of JoAnn Fabric, we noticed there was also a Savers right next door.  Uh oh!  I should’ve known right at that moment that the whole night would be flipped on its head.

We went into Savers after being harassed by rude JoAnn workers, ready for solace.  San stopped right away to look at books while I cleared a path across the store to the furniture section.  I was on the lookout for a mirror to use as a chalkboard.  I had my bargain-scouting eyes on and wasn’t going to let any cheap plastic tv stands get in the way of a good deal.  Before I had even scoured the place, my eyes wandered to the top of a magical platform which held the most incredible chairs I had ever seen, well the most incredible chairs with a $5.99 price tag I’d ever seen.  They were curvy,

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What is your chair clone?


I was looking through my inspiration files and came upon this chair that is always in the back of my mind.  I started thinking about why I like it: it’s sleek lines, it’s simplicity, it’s fun polka dots, and it’s beautiful crisp blue color.  I started thinking that maybe I like it so much because it kind of reminds me of me.  It’s my chair clone.  First of all, it’s polka dotted, just like my freckly-redheaded-pale-can-you-even-call-this-ivory skin.  Not only that though, but the polka dots are very quirky for such a simple chair and are definitely not what you would expect from such a sophisticated chair.  I don’t think I am sophisticated necessarily, but I think when people meet me they expect a very quiet, innocent, young girl, which I can be a times, but around people who know me best I never shut up, I say weird things, I am random, and I just like to laugh.  I definitely like simplicity much of the time, but once in a while its nice to color my world in polka dots and see what happens, you

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Dreaming Of: The Perfect Office Chair

I have already blogged about my perfect house, but that is something I won’t be actually looking into for a few years. Right now, I spend a lot of time at a desk doing homework, blogging, and surfing the web. I use the chair that came with my apartment, which is not very comfy or good looking. This has me dreaming of the perfect office chair. I would draw inspiration from these images:

It would be very plush and comfortable, but maybe not quite as large as the first image.


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