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Obsession Alert: Antique Dressers

Earlier this week, I posted about my thrifty finds I purchased while doing some shopping at consignment stores.  My favorite stop was at an amazing consignment store selling furniture, purses, clothing, and home accessories called Kismet Consignment* located in Rochester, MN.  If you live in the area, you must check out this store if you haven’t yet.  My mom scored two large framed beveled mirrors for About $70 for the pair – what a deal!

The reason I’m sharing this is because I found an incredible piece of furniture there that I’m now obsessed with.  It was a tall dresser with two smaller drawers on top separated by a slab of marble with a small mirror in the middle.  My mom and I believe it had been a man’s dresser where he would keep his watch and would wash his hands and face in the morning in a washbowl.  I have no need for this kind of furniture (or any furniture for that matter) right now, but, you know me – I sure am dreaming about it!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I like vintage/antique pieces mixed in with more modern ones.  I

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Kicking Myself Over A White Kitchen

Like many children of great cooks, I grew up in my kitchen.  My mom would cook and I would either help her or sit at the counter and talk and talk until meals were served.  I have spent more hours in the kitchen than probably any other room in my house growing up.  The saying was true in my house that the kitchen is the heart of the home. 

Along with spending lots of time in the kitchen, I have been obsessed with decorating and house-related things since “Mama” and “Dada” came pouring out of my mouth.  I have spent many years of my life planning out what my future home would look like, and most importantly, what kind of cabinets I would have in my kitchen.  My mom has always loved deep cherry cabinets in kitchens, so that is what I am used to.  They bring warmth into the room and are also very classy and elegant.  I have spent a good amount of my teenage years bashing white cabinets for being “too cold” and “sterile” while my mom told me that while she wouldn’t have them herself, she could see why people would like them.  She also would

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What is your chair clone?


I was looking through my inspiration files and came upon this chair that is always in the back of my mind.  I started thinking about why I like it: it’s sleek lines, it’s simplicity, it’s fun polka dots, and it’s beautiful crisp blue color.  I started thinking that maybe I like it so much because it kind of reminds me of me.  It’s my chair clone.  First of all, it’s polka dotted, just like my freckly-redheaded-pale-can-you-even-call-this-ivory skin.  Not only that though, but the polka dots are very quirky for such a simple chair and are definitely not what you would expect from such a sophisticated chair.  I don’t think I am sophisticated necessarily, but I think when people meet me they expect a very quiet, innocent, young girl, which I can be a times, but around people who know me best I never shut up, I say weird things, I am random, and I just like to laugh.  I definitely like simplicity much of the time, but once in a while its nice to color my world in polka dots and see what happens, you

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Knowledge Can Be Pretty

College has got me reading tons of books, almost so many that I feel like my brain is pushing out all the old knowledge to fit the new. Nevertheless, this isn’t always a bad thing because it got me thinking about how to display books. I have found many pictures of bookshelves in my inspiration folder that I want to share with all of you. There are so many uses for a bookshelf. Here are some of my favorites.

You can organize by color to create a focal point.


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Toggle It Up!

A few weeks ago I was at Delias and saw an amazing toggle coat and fell in love. I know I should not get attached to material objects, but this one was so perfect and so me. I kept thinking about it and started searching online for a cheaper one. I found a bunch of options and love them all (even though some are way more expensive than the one I fell in love with). Aren’t they great?

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