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Picnic-Inspired Valentine’s Day Tableau

I had a vision of the perfect Valentine’s Day over the weekend that would work for a romantic dinner for two, a plentiful meal for a large family, or even as a buffet-style dinner for a Valentine’s Day party.  Seeing as I’m a Minnesotan, I have had just about as much as I can take this winter, and the snow doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, in fact it just keeps on falling every day.  All the snow had me dreaming of a summertime picnic filled with bright, happy colors, and warm rays shooting down from the sky.  Unfortunately, unless I’m willing to have a picnic full of frostbite, this vision will not be able to become a reality for at least a few months, but I decided to create a Valentine’s Day tableau that involves bringing the outdoors in.


I started it all out with this quilt (which is over 50% off right now), but I imagine many people have a quilt or blanket of some type they could use to drape over the table.  I suppose you could even do it in the

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2010: More Dreams To Fulfill

2010 has now arrived and although I do not have too many new resolutions for the next year, I have big dreams for the next decade.  One of my favorite bloggers, Bryn Alexandra, wrote about her goals for the next decade, so I wanted to follow suit.  She has five years on me, but our goals are pretty similar.  If you read my post about creating a book of possibilities, then many of these will look familiar, but now I have a time frame to fit many of them into!DSCN4153 I am really hoping to keep blogging well into my marriage (which will not be happening for at least a couple years – I’m not even engaged yet), so that is something I hope I am still doing in ten years.  I love reading blogs about families, home renovations, cooking, and basically everything I already love to do but inside a marriage with kids running around while all the other stuff is going on.


I have been dreaming of my first house my

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Woof Woof! (Merry Christmas)

DSC_0151fixed DSC_0161fixed

Merry Christmas, everyone, from my house to yours.  Mr. Stewart Wallace hopes everyone has a very merry Christmas filled with laughter, happiness, love, and joy!  Christmas only comes once a year, so make the most of this time. :)


Icicle Blue Christmas Tableau

I’ve had so much time now that school is over to focus on blogging, so I decided to add another inspiration board today.  This time it is a very icy and cool tableau for a special Christmas dinner.  I’m sorry for all the blue, but I just can’t get enough of it, especially at this time of the year.  I try so hard to stray to different colors, but it keeps beckoning me back in!

iciclebluechristmastableauI tried to stick with fairly inexpensive items, but I figure if I had a house and decorations, I would already have many black, white, silver, and blue decorations so I would be able to pull something like this together fairly easily.  I am imagining this all on a beautiful long dark-stained wood table.  Here is the breakdown of everything I chose:

1)  Black Chargers – These would be used under the plates on the sides of the table, but not at the heads of the table.  These are very simple except for their curved edge which makes them a little more glamorous and fancy.

2) White Plates – Keeping it simple with plain

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Christmas Living Room: Two Ways

Remember when I posted about my favorite Christmas color schemes, blue/silver and purple/gold?  I decided all the inspiration pictures were fun to look at, but I wanted to do something more with them.  I picked one of my favorite pictures from both color schemes and designed a living room around them.

The blue/silver color scheme led me to pick more glamorous decor.  I wanted the blues to really pop, so I stuck with whites and silvers mixed with an occasional pop of dark wood as the neutral accent colors.  I designed it around this Christmas tree from Canadian House and Home.


Here is the fully decked-out blue Christmas living room:


I started with this fabulous Montego navy pennyback sofa.  I loved its clean lines mixed with the tufting to make it feminine and masculine, and oh so glam.  Next, I wanted a rug to ground the room.  I didn’t want anything too dark because I didn’t want to take away from the tree or the already dark sofa.  This fleece rug did the trick.  I

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