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Icicle Blue Christmas Tableau

I’ve had so much time now that school is over to focus on blogging, so I decided to add another inspiration board today.  This time it is a very icy and cool tableau for a special Christmas dinner.  I’m sorry for all the blue, but I just can’t get enough of it, especially at this time of the year.  I try so hard to stray to different colors, but it keeps beckoning me back in!

iciclebluechristmastableauI tried to stick with fairly inexpensive items, but I figure if I had a house and decorations, I would already have many black, white, silver, and blue decorations so I would be able to pull something like this together fairly easily.  I am imagining this all on a beautiful long dark-stained wood table.  Here is the breakdown of everything I chose:

1)  Black Chargers – These would be used under the plates on the sides of the table, but not at the heads of the table.  These are very simple except for their curved edge which makes them a little more glamorous and fancy.

2) White Plates – Keeping it simple with plain white plates for all dinnerware.  Many people have these on hand already.

3) Icy Blue Chargers – These special blue chargers would be used only at the head of the table.  These don’t scream Christmas, so they could be reused for New Year’s, birthdays, and any other special meal.  Someone could even use these as a tray on a coffee table to hold remotes or as an accessory in everyday decorating.

4) White Placemats – I want the table to be exposed, so instead of a tablecloth, I went with placemats and a runner.  I figure white placemats would do the trick and would be easily reusable throughout the year.

5) Blue Napkin Holder – A blue napkin holder fastened around plain white napkins would be the only thing on top of the plates.  I like simple tablescapes, especially when there will be lots of food because people don’t have to struggle moving decorations around.

6) Lace Table Runner – For a little more fancy decor, I chose a lacy table runner with some black and tan to add a more natural element as well as some more curves to match the chargers.

7) Slightly Detailed Flatware – I wanted silverware with a little detail but not too much.  These were perfect.  Of course,any simple silver flatware would have worked that a person had on hand.

8) Placecard Holders – If this dinner was for a party, these shiny placecard holders would fit perfectly.  They could be used to hold pictures or Christmas cards when not being used for a dinner.

9) Black Candles – A series of black candles along the table would pull in more black and add drama.

10) Small Mirrored Frame – These would go under the black candles to reflect the fire burning.  These are normal picture frames and could be reused as such or under candles once the dinner is over.

11) Silver Ornaments – I would use the ornaments in the middle of the table to add more reflection of light and to make the table seem more fitting for a Christmas dinner.

12) Turquoise Votive Candle Holders – Between the black candles with the mirror underneath, I would place these votive holders, so there would be many candles lit and a very low and simple centerpiece so guests could see and talk to one another easily.  I love candles at Christmas time, so the more, the better.

13) Wine Glasses – I would keep all stem and glassware very simple like these glasses without any embellishment.

14) Blue Carafe – For water, I went with this gorgeous blue carafe because it fit everything perfectly and could easily be reused throughout the year at dinners and parties or even as a vase.

There you have it!  I can’t get enough of this one.  I love that everything could easily be reused and many of the elements could be replaced with something a person already has on hand.  It’s glamorous, but simple and puts a minimalist take on a Christmas tableau without having too many clean lines.  What does your party table look like at this time of the year?  How do you incorporate everyday items into your holiday decorations each year?

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4 comments to Icicle Blue Christmas Tableau

  • Oh my gosh, I LOVE this!!! I love how versatile every piece is. If I had the extra dough, I’d go buy every single item here, with priority going to the chargers and that carafe. So lovely!!! You have such a talent for finding and putting things together! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Sarah


    I’m so glad you like it! I personally love it too, but that makes sense because I made it. I really try, when making these inspiration boards, to use items that are versatile and reusable in many different ways. The chargers and the carafe are my favorites as well! Thank you for the sweet compliments! Merry Christmas!


  • i usually think blue themed holiday decor ends up looking too hoity toity for my taste but this looks warm and ecclectic…just perfect, thanks!

  • Valerie

    Your table would look very elegant! I really like the turquoise blue!
    It definitely would say Merry Christmas and lets all have a wonderful time together!

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