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Think About It Thursday: When Do You Splurge?

After last weeks post about what you would buy first if you were starting with a blank slate, I started to think about a house once it was a little more full.  Eventually I am going to have to start making bigger financial decisions when it comes to decorating, but for now I’m stuck DIYing accessories and using whatever I can buy cheap otherwise.  However, there will come a time when I will be able splurge a little more often, so I would like to see what all of you splurge on when it comes to decorating and buying things for your home.

Do you splurge on kitchen appliances?


How about a really nice sofa?


Is artwork where all of your money goes?


What about that huge flat screen tv?


Or do you put your money into only affordable things that may be nice but were secondhand

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Think About It Thursday: What Would You Buy First?

I’ve been thinking a lot about houses (duh – it’s what I blog about) and have been wondering what I’ll do when I buy my first house.  Because most of my stuff will be accessories and worn out kitchen items, I will need to buy a lot.  My question for this week is: If you moved in to a completely empty house with basically nothing in it, what would you buy first?  In other words, what is the most essential object that you would buy and how would you decorate around it once you bought it?

image Swamplot

I imagine even the most beautiful house would be intimidating if bought with nothing to put in it.  It would be fun, but quite a daunting task to plan and decorate it all within a budget.

What room would you start with and which would you push aside?


This is a hard question – I’d say I’d start with probably a refrigerator, but if the house came with one, I would start with the bed.  Then I’d probably move to a table and chairs, then a couch in the living

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Think About It Thursday: Do You Invest in the Little Things?

We all have heard inspirational quotes about the little things in life being the biggest things that matter most.  I have been wondering for a while, when it comes to decorating and home organization, if people really invest time and money into the little things or if they tackle the big things while letting the little things slide by the way side.

We all know a room looks more complete when every nook and cranny is perfectly decorated with just the right balance of accessories, colors, textures, and so on.  But what about the spots that barely anyone sees?  Do you dole out a little bit of love to these hardly seen areas?

There really is no right answer, I am just wondering about my lovely readers and what you all think about this topic.

Here are some pictures to serve as examples.


Design Sponge

Lined drawers – Only the person using the dresser will see the beautiful lining and if the drawers are full of clothes or other items, nobody will see the lining.  Do you line your drawers anyway?

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Think About it Thursdays: Are You a Frugal Fashionista?

As a  child, my dad and I would go garage saling in search for the best deals.  I would come home with all sorts of things – cds, books, games, toys, jewelry – but there is one thing I wouldn’t go near: clothes.  I loved buying everything else secondhand in good condition at outrageously low prices, but no matter how much my dad tried to persuade me to look at the clothes, I wouldn’t budge.  Boy, am I kicking myself now!  Now that I am buying 100% of my clothes I realize how expensive they are.  I wish I could go back because buying secondhand clothing would have saved my parents a good amount of money (sorry Mom and Dad!).

Even after I started hitting up stores like Goodwill and Savers for decor items during the past year or so, I still would steer clear of the clothing.  Over time, however, I started to realize that making money isn’t easy and although I like clothes, they are too expensive to buy brand new at full price or even sale prices.  I asked myself if the clothes I was buying were really worth full price when I could buy equally nice clothes

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Think About It Thursday: Do You Let Your Mood Invade Your Decorating?

When you have a bad day do you just want to take it out on your room?  When something good happens to you, do you suddenly have the urge to cloak your home in yellows and pinks?  My question this week for you to think about is do you let your mood invade your decorating?

I don’t have any scientific way of approaching this question, but I think my mood in some ways does influence what I am inspired by on a given day.  I wouldn’t say on bad days I am drawn to blacks and dark rooms and bright and airy rooms on good days, but I think the overall level of sophistication versus casualness sways depending on my mood.

When I’m more serious and mature in my thinking (probably when I’m feeling especially studious and in control), I tend to be drawn to more serious, sophisticated rooms such as these:

imageHouse Beautiful



image Ideal Home

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