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Think About It Thursday: What Would You Buy First?

I’ve been thinking a lot about houses (duh – it’s what I blog about) and have been wondering what I’ll do when I buy my first house.  Because most of my stuff will be accessories and worn out kitchen items, I will need to buy a lot.  My question for this week is: If you moved in to a completely empty house with basically nothing in it, what would you buy first?  In other words, what is the most essential object that you would buy and how would you decorate around it once you bought it?

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I imagine even the most beautiful house would be intimidating if bought with nothing to put in it.  It would be fun, but quite a daunting task to plan and decorate it all within a budget.

What room would you start with and which would you push aside?


This is a hard question – I’d say I’d start with probably a refrigerator, but if the house came with one, I would start with the bed.  Then I’d probably move to a table and chairs, then a couch in the living room.  Those are the essentials for me.  How about you?

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4 comments to Think About It Thursday: What Would You Buy First?

  • When we moved into our apartment, the first thing I bought was a coffee table. I don’t mind sitting or sleeping on the floor, but I need a surface to eat and work on. I generally sit on the floor even when I have other options, so it’s really not a big deal for me.

    I’d definitely start in the living room because if I had any friends over, that’s where we’d hang out. A coffee table (for snacks), pillows and blankets, and a television – what else do you need for a sleepover?

  • La Linda

    I’d start with the bed (mattresses, specifically) – without a good night’s sleep, I have no energy to shop for furniture. I like to work on rooms one at a time, but I could see buying the sofa next. Budget is the big contender, are you buying for right now (Ikea) or quality for the future? I’d always advise to buy quality pieces slowly with some budget items mixed in as you come across things you like.

  • We are kind of in this situation (though we have a few things).

    I carouse Craigslist, and whatever I find that I love and can transform, that is what I start with. For me, it’s about looking for one inspirational piece that I can build a room around. Whether its a sofa, a chair, an dresser…etc.

    It’s daunting, but so much fun!

  • This is tough because I firmly believe (and experienced this myself) that you need to be in your home a while before you really understand what you want to do with the space. Buying things too soon can lead to disappointment later (and having to replace things). So I’d say the most important thing is a bed. Once we bought a real bed, our master bedroom started to feel like a real room in a real house (not just a room in a rental place like all of our previous residences). Plus a bed can easily be changed with new accessories. So you aren’t really locked in or trapped by your decision.

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