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Showcasing a Bed with Fabric

Now that I’m home for spring break, I have time to really look at my room and see what more can be done to make it better.  I have big things in mind for it to plan for the summer when I have more time, but for now I’m getting the inspiration juices flowing.  I’m thinking of really showcasing the bed by putting some fabric from floor to ceiling behind the bed.  As you can see in the photo below, the room is lacking the finishing touches, so this will be my first step to creating a more finished room. 

image I have lots of other ideas, but I just want everyone to have a small taste of what I’m thinking of to last until the summer.  I don’t think I can wait that long!

image Kelley Interior Design


Better Homes and Gardens


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Mixing Up Your Bedroom With Sheets

I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to decorate my apartment next year when I am living on my own in a studio.  I really want something new and fresh, but I also want something that will last me a few years without me tiring of it.  I am also looking for something I can use in my room at my parent’s house if I ever want to switch things up a bit.  I love redesigning rooms, so I have found the key to my room designs has to center around the ease at which I can affordably change the room with just a few switcheroos.  For a bedroom, I have decided the best way to do this is to stick with very neutral bedding and a basic color scheme, maybe with one main color other than neutrals, and switching the room’s feel by buying a few sets of inexpensive sheets and changing them whenever I need something new.

I have designed a room to explain what I mean.

blue_neutral_bedroom_twist copy I went with a very neutral but still fancy bed with a

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Light, Airy, and Feminine Bedrooms

I love me some bedrooms with lots of white but in addition to some colorful and feminine details.  What do you think?

Need some examples?

  House Beautiful

Lonny Feb/Mar 2010

Raphael Designs via House of Turquoise


Source unknown

HGTV Dream Home 2009

Elle Decor via Brabourne Farm


House Beautiful

Better Homes and Gardens

Source Unknown

Better Homes and Gardens

I’m swooning!


Tackling the Bedroom Bookcase Head On: Part One

I feel like such a hypocrite.  A decorating hypocrite.  A high-styled bookcase-loving hypocrite.  You see, I posted about how knowledge can be pretty (AKA – bookcases can be more than just books in a row) but then I showed you all this hideously organized bookcase found in my bedroom at my parents’ house. 

imageBut, to make myself look a little better, here’s what it looked like before I made the above attempt to organize and style the bookcase.

DSCN3531 I guess it looked neater, but very bare and boring at the same time.  When I rearranged everything after looking at this boring arrangement for far too long I tried doing what designers suggest – mixing in art/accessories, stacking books in different directions, and creating groupings of interesting pieces.  However, I think I failed, but not because I have no style (which I suppose is still debatable), but because the books themselves are just too colorful which makes any groupings and stylings seem cluttered and distracting.

As soon as I walk into my room, my

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