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Mixing Up Your Bedroom With Sheets

I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to decorate my apartment next year when I am living on my own in a studio.  I really want something new and fresh, but I also want something that will last me a few years without me tiring of it.  I am also looking for something I can use in my room at my parent’s house if I ever want to switch things up a bit.  I love redesigning rooms, so I have found the key to my room designs has to center around the ease at which I can affordably change the room with just a few switcheroos.  For a bedroom, I have decided the best way to do this is to stick with very neutral bedding and a basic color scheme, maybe with one main color other than neutrals, and switching the room’s feel by buying a few sets of inexpensive sheets and changing them whenever I need something new.

I have designed a room to explain what I mean.

blue_neutral_bedroom_twist copy I went with a very neutral but still fancy bed with a tufted headboard, a white nightstand, a white comforter, a gray rug, a neutral striped bench, and some concave mirrors for above the dresser.  The only pops of color are the blue lamp, the blue dresser, and the art which has a few colors to draw upon.  This bedroom could easily be recreated DIY-style by making the headboard, finding a nightstand and dresser and painting them, buying inexpensive white bedding and a neutral rug as well as some kind of seating.

The fun of this room is the ability to mix it up with the sheets listed along the top of the image.  Each one makes the room look a little different.  The way this adds to the room is by letting the sheets show when making the bed by folding them over the comforter, or even folding the comforter down farther than normal and letting the sheets take center stage.

  • Floral – A more feminine but still sophisticated look.
  • Gray Stripes – A masculine look that is still a bit fun but very sophisticated.  It goes with the stripes on the bench.
  • Damask – Very elegant but fun because of its blue color.
  • Green Stripes – A summery, playful look with a cabana green and thick bold stripes.
  • Dots – Some adults love polka dots, but this room could also be easily recreated into a more elegant children’s room with polka dot sheets as well.

Some other ways I thought of to mix this room up from time to time is by switching out the art.  The art I used is from Vintage Printable which is completely free, so changing the art is very easy because all you need to do is print it!  Also, I limited the amount of accessories in the room so that you could imagine a person taking different accessories from around the house to mix things up from time to time.  Adding some throw pillows and a blanket of different colors can also bring in more color, which I posted about a while back..  The possibilities are endless!

What do you do to mix things up in your bedroom decorating?  Or, perhaps you are not like me and you actually like your decorating months and years after “completing” a room?

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3 comments to Mixing Up Your Bedroom With Sheets

  • I love the blues and grays in that design board!
    Also I gave you a little award on my blog. You should go check it out. :)

  • Valerie

    I think you could make big changes with this room by switching just a few things or adding a few things. It is a light and fresh base. I’m thinking about my bedroom too. Haven’t quite got what I want to do. I think your ideas are good ones!

  • I believe in designing your bedroom with comfort in mind. While buying a house may be the biggest financial investment we make, buying the right bed is one of the most important

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