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Think About It Thursday: Do You Like Colorful Houses?

Yesterday, I posted the first part of the Minnehaha Parkway neighborhood tour.  I promised I would show you the more colorful houses, which I am doing in conjunction with my Think About It Thursday post.  After seeing all the more subtle colors on the homes yesterday, I want to know what you prefer – neutral or colorful homes.  Would you rather have a home with neutral colors and use landscaping and accessories to bring in color (or bring no other color in at all) or use color on the house itself and limit the color in other areas?  Or, do you like color everywhere and cannot get enough of it?

Let’s look at the second part of the tour so you can be the judge of what looks best.  Again, for the first part, head over to yesterday’s post.


Light blue shutters and a red clay tile roof. Very pretty!DSC_0514 DSC_0515

I’m loving the turquoise!  Think of how bland this house

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Pining After the Simpler Life

With all this unseasonably warm weather during the past month and a half, I have found myself cramped and confined within city limits, wanting to reach out to my roots in the simpler country life I’m so accustomed to.  I gathered some photos to help myself rejuvenate in the city since I am not able to go wonder through the woods or feel the crunch of gravel beneath my feet right now.  Plus, school is becoming incredibly jam-packed and I need a break!  There’s nothing like some relaxing photos to refresh my mind!



image Southern Living


imageSource Unknown 



I am so painting a fence blue after seeing this photo – who

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A Tour of Summit Avenue: Other Edition

On Wednesday, we took a look at some of the beyond beautiful stone houses on Summit Avenue in St. Paul.  Today, we will be looking at houses and buildings built with stucco or siding or a mixture that stand tall and proud along the same street.  If you liked the stone houses, you should equally love the houses below.

We have no time to waste!DSC_0370

Interesting – I wonder what they use the now closed up carport for.  Maybe an outdoor sitting area? DSC_0423 My dream house – look at the drama and detail around the windows on the third floor!DSC_0415 This photo should give you an idea of how massive the average home on this street is.


DSC_0420 DSC_0380

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A Tour of Summit Avenue: Stone Edition

Before the previous winter (in other words before October 2009), I went out and photographed the beautiful Summit Avenue in St. Paul.  I just gave you a taste of the amazing beauty that can be found on this street, so I am back in the new year to give you a better understanding of what Summit Avenue is all about.  If you are looking for a few solid miles of gorgeous house after gorgeous house, then you’ve come to the right place.  Since I took so many pictures, I have narrowed them into two groups: stone houses and other.  Because Summit Ave. is full of incredibly expensive historic homes, it’s not wonder that majority of them are made of stone, so we will start with this first dominating group.  Don’t worry, just because all of the following homes are made of stone doesn’t mean they don’t differ in many ways.  You will find many different styles in the following images.

I apologize in advance for the sometimes blurry or wonky photos – I am still learning to take decent photos while in the car (don’t worry I wasn’t the one driving).


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