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Pining After the Simpler Life

With all this unseasonably warm weather during the past month and a half, I have found myself cramped and confined within city limits, wanting to reach out to my roots in the simpler country life I’m so accustomed to.  I gathered some photos to help myself rejuvenate in the city since I am not able to go wonder through the woods or feel the crunch of gravel beneath my feet right now.  Plus, school is becoming incredibly jam-packed and I need a break!  There’s nothing like some relaxing photos to refresh my mind!



image Southern Living


imageSource Unknown 



I am so painting a fence blue after seeing this photo – who

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Found: My New Perfect Purse

I don’t need to dream about a new purse, like I do a pretty camera bag because this weekend I bought the perfect purse for me – and for only $17.99 at TJ Maxx.  My old purse was a gorgeous mustard colored leather purse heavily discounted at Wilson Leather that I bought two summers ago.  It is not worn, but it was time for a change.  I have learned I don’t like purses with two compartments split by a zippered pocket.  I just throw things in there with no rhyme or reason and have such a hard time finding things when they are spread out between two compartments.  I wanted a sturdy purse that would stand by itself, that had a pretty vintage feel to it, and that had enough pockets on the inner sides to hold womanly items, my phone, my ipod, and whatever else there was room for.  I had been looking for a couple months (not steadily mind you) and finally found the perfect one that meets all the requirements.


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Think About It Thursday: Where Does Inspiration Come From?

If you ever ask a writer where they get their inspiration from, many times they will reply something along the lines of, “I usually base my inspiration on experience and part of it just comes to me.”  I think the same is true in the decorating world, at least for me.  If someone asked me where I draw my inspiration from I would tell them from lots of research and exposing myself to many things, but at the same time I have a vision in my head of the overall “feel” I would like my future home to have.

It was strange, one day I was looking through various Etsy shops and I stumbled upon a Ranunculus Mini Set by saranorris. 

image image

After yesterday’s post I think it’s safe to assume you all think I should be committed due to my obsession with Ranunculus flowers, so it seems obvious that I would love these photos.  However, the strange thing is that when I saw those photos I thought to myself, “That is what

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Vintage Paint Colors

I have been moving all of the photos in my inspiration folders saved on my hard drive to Photobucket in order to save space on my computer – I don’t see the amount of photos decreasing any time soon, the opposite is true.  I am writing descriptions for each photo telling where I found it (if I recorded it) and what I like about the photo so I don’t have to guess in the future.  I came across this photo of vintage paint colors I had saved a while back that I found at 1912 Bungalow.

I am drawn to the first two rows across the most, especially the top two in the left corner.  This just confirms that I love incorporating vintage elements with more modern because I am drawn to these paint colors!  Although, I must be honest, I have seen a lot of the colors I am drawn to in this photo in rooms that have been designed recently, so I’m not the only one using colors from the past (although I don’t think any color itself gets old – just the way we use it

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Obsession Alert: Antique Dressers

Earlier this week, I posted about my thrifty finds I purchased while doing some shopping at consignment stores.  My favorite stop was at an amazing consignment store selling furniture, purses, clothing, and home accessories called Kismet Consignment* located in Rochester, MN.  If you live in the area, you must check out this store if you haven’t yet.  My mom scored two large framed beveled mirrors for About $70 for the pair – what a deal!

The reason I’m sharing this is because I found an incredible piece of furniture there that I’m now obsessed with.  It was a tall dresser with two smaller drawers on top separated by a slab of marble with a small mirror in the middle.  My mom and I believe it had been a man’s dresser where he would keep his watch and would wash his hands and face in the morning in a washbowl.  I have no need for this kind of furniture (or any furniture for that matter) right now, but, you know me – I sure am dreaming about it!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I like vintage/antique pieces mixed in with more modern ones.  I

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