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What Does the Goodwill Put in the Water?

You know how much I love to shop at places like Goodwill with their super low prices and amazing finds (if you look hard enough to find them).  I sometimes see other shoppers’ excitement while I am scooting past people, scanning the shelves one by one, but I have been caught off guard twice now with some interesting behavior that I have only seen at the Goodwill.

A few months ago, San and I went looking for a table for him to use in his apartment.  He scored a cute round one for around $7.  As we were taking it apart to fit in his car in the entryway of the store, a cutely dressed couple came walking past us.  The man lifted the woman up into his arms and carried her over the threshold, out the door, and then to their car.  A woman outside said, “God bless you both!  We need to see more of that!  Love like that is hard to find!”

San and I laughed – mostly because we felt like he was expected to carry me to the car.  Luckily, with a heavy table in tow that was not possible.  I’m not a big PDA person or

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