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My First Award

This week I was pleasantly surprised with my first blogger award from Kristi at Life at the Cheateau Whitman.  She presented me with the Sunshine Award, which made my day week month.  I would love to send it right back to her because her blog is amazing with lots of talk about decorating, photography, pets, exercising, and food (all of which I love, obviously), but the rules are to pass it on to twelve other bloggers, so that is what I am here to do.

I read a lot of the more well-known bloggers, but I try to focus my attention on bloggers more like me or those who are still gaining readers and starting out.  I love so many, but here are the twelve I am passing the beautiful award on to.

image These are listed in no particular order.

Britt at Cucumbersome
Leah at Marital-Bless
Molly at Molly Frey Design
Kelly at Old House Dreamer
Leigh at Brabourne Farm
Amanda at Serenity Now
Chelsea at This Fresh Fossil
Grace at Sense and Simplicity
Dana at Bungalow’56
Caroline at The Feminist Housewife
Bria at Plan B Happy
Cristin at Simplified Bee

If you would like, you can pass the award

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