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A Little Bit of Christmas Decorating

My apartment isn’t very big and I will only be here two more weeks, so I didn’t want to go overboard with the decorating.  Also, I have three other roommates, so I have to consider their tastes when decorating.  I decided to make an ornament wreath using Eddie Ross’ tutorial.  I started with purple, silver, and gold large ornaments and some blue and silver small ornaments that were either purchased at Goodwill, Home Goods, or given to by friends.

Then I took a wire hanger and some hot glue and went to town.   One tip: Go overboard on the hot glue.  I did not and once I got to the finishing ornaments, others started to pop off which led to some cursing and frustration which left the wreath sitting on the floor for a couple weeks.  It is not easy to put the ornaments back on once they pop off, so use lots of hot glue!  Here is the finished project!  I love it! A Little Bit of Christmas Decorating

A Banner That Will Make You Smile

I felt that my room needed something else to make it feel more “complete.”  I wanted to do something crafty that I could hang on my walls which are still a little bare that would bring color and happiness into the room.  I decided to make a banner to hang above my window.  I was inspired by Kate’s thankful banner and Meg’s peace banner.  I had first wanted my banner to say “Imagine” because it is something I’m doing all the time and it is a variation of “dream.”  I decided it would be too long, however so I chose “smile.”  The word smile makes me happy and I thought it would help to remind me to not get overly stressed out from school.

I gathered my supplies and I got to work.  I used glitter, tacky glue, white ribbon, a sponge to spread the glue with, scissors, five sheets of thick scrapbook paper (not the flimsy kind), scissors, and a large sheet of tagboard.  I picked out colors that would work both in my room at my apartment but also at my room at home.  I try to make sure I can reuse everything during the summer when I am

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Big Crafts In My Future

While I was on talking about my therapeutic cleaning yesterday, I posted this picture: What’s boring, dull, and bland all over?  Definitely my bulletin board.  I have big plans of reinventing it, but all week I have been trying to figure out what to do since I want to cover it with fabric in a more permanent fashion than last time but there is no way to remove the frame and reattach it later.  Today, I was impulsive and decided to just cut the corkboard out of the frame.

     Now I can either staple, tack, or tape the fabric to the back.  I think I will add some ribbon in a criss-cross pattern so that I don’t have to tack everything on and ruin pictures.  However, all

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DIY Custom Flats The Way You Like It

I looked through my shoe wardrobe a few weeks ago only to find many very basic shoes, mostly black.  While they are practical, sometimes I want something more to make an outfit more personal.  Girls just wanna have fun, right?  Well, shoes are fun to wear, but not if they are completely boring.  I found a pair of black flats that I had bought at Payless a couple years ago.  I had never worn them because they were shiny, which I tend to not like because sometimes it makes shoes look cheap (which they were).  I think I bought them for under ten dollars, but I decided that my money isn’t to be thrown away.  I was determined to make something of the black, boring shoes that had been sitting in my closet for way too long.

I came across this post at Make It and Love It and was hooked.  I don’t have a lot of money to use to buy new fabric constantly, so I looked to my custom bulletin board for inspiration.  Well, not even inspiration because I stole the fabric from the bulletin board to use on the shoes.  I still love the green polka-dotted fabric, which

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Three Rooms, Three Designs, One Cheap Craigslist Dresser

I often search Craigslist for inexpensive furniture, even though I have no need for any or any money to buy anything.  I just like to see what I could buy if I were looking to buy and what I could do with a piece once I bought it.  I realized that there is no rule that says I cannot imagine I am buying something now and recreating it, so I am going to present one Craigslist dresser I found for $50 in three imaginary rooms: a vintage-inspired bedroom, a child’s vibrant playroom, and a soulful luxurious bathroom.  All of these would be simple to recreate and easy on a budget.  All would look great in my imaginary rooms.  Here is the dresser:


Original Posting (may be removed)

Here are the three ways I would refinish the dresser according to the different imagined rooms. Keep in mind that they all involve three big changed: paint, drawer pulls and knobs, and drawer lining which can be decorative paper or wrapping paper that would be glued on using Mod Podge.  All of these would be fairly simple projects

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