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Two Craigslist Finds Turned Fabulous: Inspiration Board

With all the snow around me and all the extra time on my hands since I don’t go back to school until the beginning of February, I seem to be feeling a little down that I can’t spend much time outdoors.  All this winter makes me truly appreciate the spring and summer.  I decided to catch a few moments of springtime happiness by creating a spring-inspired dining room inspiration board which includes the two main pieces of the room (the table and buffet) found on Craigslist.  I wanted the room to feel completely feminine, fresh, and happy with lots of bold bright colors. 

I started with this great solid wood buffet for $150.

image In my imagination, I painted it Benjamin Moore’s Fuchsine.

image Then I found this solid oak round pedestal table that can be extended into a long oval for $300 with a set of five chairs, which I did not include in the design plan.

image This table

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Icicle Blue Christmas Tableau

I’ve had so much time now that school is over to focus on blogging, so I decided to add another inspiration board today.  This time it is a very icy and cool tableau for a special Christmas dinner.  I’m sorry for all the blue, but I just can’t get enough of it, especially at this time of the year.  I try so hard to stray to different colors, but it keeps beckoning me back in!

iciclebluechristmastableauI tried to stick with fairly inexpensive items, but I figure if I had a house and decorations, I would already have many black, white, silver, and blue decorations so I would be able to pull something like this together fairly easily.  I am imagining this all on a beautiful long dark-stained wood table.  Here is the breakdown of everything I chose:

1)  Black Chargers – These would be used under the plates on the sides of the table, but not at the heads of the table.  These are very simple except for their curved edge which makes them a little more glamorous and fancy.

2) White Plates – Keeping it simple with plain

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Christmas Living Room: Two Ways

Remember when I posted about my favorite Christmas color schemes, blue/silver and purple/gold?  I decided all the inspiration pictures were fun to look at, but I wanted to do something more with them.  I picked one of my favorite pictures from both color schemes and designed a living room around them.

The blue/silver color scheme led me to pick more glamorous decor.  I wanted the blues to really pop, so I stuck with whites and silvers mixed with an occasional pop of dark wood as the neutral accent colors.  I designed it around this Christmas tree from Canadian House and Home.


Here is the fully decked-out blue Christmas living room:


I started with this fabulous Montego navy pennyback sofa.  I loved its clean lines mixed with the tufting to make it feminine and masculine, and oh so glam.  Next, I wanted a rug to ground the room.  I didn’t want anything too dark because I didn’t want to take away from the tree or the already dark sofa.  This fleece rug did the trick.  I

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Awesome Blog Alert: House of Turquoise

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across what seemed like an ordinary blog, but within minutes I realized that this blog was made for me. Erin over at House of Turquoise started this blog to collect photos of her favorite color, you guessed it, turquoise, and all the shades of blue like it. I have always liked blue, but I never knew that I actually secretly loved it until I started collecting photos of rooms as inspiration. The photos I have collected online and in books and magazines have one thing in common in probably at least fifty percent of them: the color blue. I love it and am obviously drawn to it without even knowing it. I have never seen the ocean, but I dream of it, and I am constantly in awe of how beautiful the sky can be with all of its varying shades of blue and gray. I love mostly lighter shades of blue and turquoise because they are serene, bright, and also fun. It’s a great backdrop for many different accent colors which makes it versatile, but it also can really stand out and take center stage.

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Pink Rose-Inspired College Bedroom

Lately I’ve been inspired by pink, green, and blue, which are also the colors in my bedroom at college. I was looking around online and came across this image at Overstock.

I decided to create a whole college bedroom around this artwork. I wanted it to be bright and airy to match the picture and also because the weather in Minnesota lately has been very dark and dreary. I really love how it turned out. I tried to find everything fairly cheap and some parts of it are DIY, which I will explain later in the post.

Here’s a rundown of everything:

Christina Tsi Kramer ‘Pink Roses’ Gallery Art – $46.49
Poppy Fields Duvet Cover – Twin for $79.00
Home Rocky River Window Sheer – $12.34 per panel
Hand-woven Shag Solo Honey White Rug – 4 foot round (for a small dorm room) $79.89
ASPELUND Nightstand – $39.99
MIKAEL Desk – $49.99
ANEBODA 3 drawer chest – $69.99
JONSBO ORÖD Table lamp base – $39.99
Translucent Fabric Task Chair Collection – $29.99

Total: $460.01

Then, the desk is painted Koala Bear by Behr which is a light shade of gray. The clear panels in each of the dresser drawers are covered

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