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Home For The Holidays Tour: Part One

I am finally home after a very stressful week and cannot wait to show all of you my parents’ house.  My mom is a great decorator and has been since I was a little girl.  I am sure I got my passion for it from her.  The one thing that stands out in my mind about Christmas was how amazing our house always looked during Christmas, no matter how stressful the time was or how little family was coming over.  My mom loves the holiday season and always goes all-out in her decorating.  I thought now would be a perfect time to give everyone a tour of my real home, when the house is shining in all of its Christmas glory.

After taking all the photos of the house, I realized my mom has a few rules she stands by when decorating for the holidays.  #1 – Work the holiday decor in with your regular decor.  If any of your accessories can be Christmas-ified, than by all means go for it.  It saves you money and time looking for all new accessories.  #2 – Little hints of Christmas decorations go a long way, especially when spread throughout the house.  There are

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Home Room

After packing up all of my crap and hauling it out, I realized my room looked pretty good. Sad isn’t it? It looks good when I’m not living there anymore. But, I’m over it. I took a bunch of pictures and thought I would share

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