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Photoshop Lesson: Bringing Out Pickle’s Eyes

Being at home for long period of time since I still don’t go back to school for another week leaves me lots of time to lounge around.  I have gone out a few times to my parents’ yard to take pictures, but with all the snow and dim lighting on these shivery winter days, it is hard for me to put my puny amount of photography skills to use.  I love portraits and have not had much practice with them since most people I could recruit are miles away, but the other day I set some food out for my cat, Pickle, and away we went.

I liked some of the shots and brightened them up in Photoshop  using The Pioneer Woman’s actions, but something was missing.  Note: I have Photoshop 7.0 but it has not been working lately, so I downloaded a trial of Photoshop which is compatible with PW’s actions while under trial.  The trial is up, but I plan on purchasing the student edition of Photoshop once I save up the money.  I’m sure you could do something similar with free software.

You see, Pickle has his name for a reason: his eyes are usually a piercing green color

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Learning A New Skill

Learning a new skill is always exciting, but almost always frustrating at the same time.  Today I received my new camera, a Nikon D5000, after going crazy yesterday because it was sitting in Minneapolis for over 24 hours when I could have been experimenting with it.  I was literally jumping up and down as I opened it and made sure I went slow to take in the moment.  It was amazing!!  I have a lot of reading and practicing to do, but I am am really looking forward to it.  I am determined to get better and make photography a new hobby of mine for the long haul.

None of these photos are any good, but here you can see my first pictures taken by me today.  I know some techniques, but I don’t know how to put them to use on this camera yet, so hopefully that will change soon.  Note: All of these pictures came straight from the camera and are unedited. DSC_0010 Note: That is not an engagement ring, it is really on my right hand but the mirror flipped it.

Learning A New Skill

Thankful Thursday: Capturing God’s Gifts

For over a week and I have been spending hours, and I mean hours, researching DSLR cameras.  I have always wanted to get into photography but have never had the money or the urge to do it until now.  My schedule opened up next semester with the way my classes laid out so that I can work more.  I have been wanting to buy a new camera for a while because mine does not do the best unless I am outside on a bright day.  I decided it was the perfect time for a change.

Deciding was a lot harder than I anticipated because beside having to decide between a Nikon or a Canon I also wanted the best I could get for my money.  I found that I had really high expectations without any knowledge of how those expectations could be met and that in the end most DSLR cameras out there will take good images, it matters more who is behind the camera than the camera itself.  That being said, I know higher level cameras are better, but for a beginner who has a lot of learning to do, I do not need the features of a nicer camera

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