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Incredible Weekend Finds

This weekend I was feeling very crafty, which called for some shopping that led to some incredible finds! I have a lot of crafts to share in the next couple of weeks, so I’m very excited! In the meantime, here are some of the cool things I found this weekend.

Last week, two of my favorite bloggers (Bryn and Jenny) blogged about Daily Drop Cap, a website with amazing decorative initial caps posted once every day. That compelled me to buy this when I first saw it at Marshalls for $7.99. Maybe it was a little more expensive than what I would normally spend, but considering it was pay day and it was totally awesome, I gave in and bought it. It now sits on my desk but also can be

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Thankful Thursday: A Renewable World

Lately everyone’s been crazy about “going green” and using renewable resources. I know that this can sometimes be costly, but I try to do as much as I can with my small budget to give back to the environment. This may seem off topic for Thankful Thursday, but what I am truly thankful for this week is our renewable world. This world wasn’t made so that everything just ends at a certain point. Many things, or maybe even most things, can be reconfigured into something new when its time has past.

What fits with my budget that I am so thankful for is used items. I am a lover of garage sales but what I want to try soon is going to estate sales. I have found a lot of them up in the twin cities and really want to check them out. I love vintage items, so this could be a great way for me to purchase vintage things I love for an extremely discounted

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A Trip Around The Block

What can you get on a trip around the block? Usually nothing, unless you pick in someone’s garbage, but when it’s garage sale season, you can pick up some mighty fine treasures at even mightier and even finer prices! I consider myself a garage sale queen. I’ve been going since I could walk and now just the thought gets my heartbeat racing twice its normal speed. I would like to share some of my garage sale treasures found this summer. That’s right, all of this came only from this summer – just think of the things you can find if you live in a warm place that can have garage sales all year long or if you stop by consignment shops or estate sales! I even think used items are sometimes more fun than old because you don’t have to break them in and you can tell if someone got some use out of them or not (which means you probably will

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