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New Sewing Machine: Project Round-Up

I had a very wonderful Christmas with my family, and I hope the rest of you did, too.  It saddens me how fast Christmas comes and goes, but hopefully the happiness will last at least until New Year’s, if not longer.

I want to share what my incredible parents gave me for Christmas.  I asked for a new sewing machine since the one I bought for two dollars, was missing a lot of parts.  I wanted something I could grow with.  Boy, was I surprised when I opened this:

51a4zeHCceL._SS400_ It’s another Brother sewing machine that also does embroidery!  It came with a gorgeous case and a thing to wheel it around with.  It is incredible!  It is also computerized so I don’t have to fuss with a lot of mechanical buttons, and I can also download embroidery patterns online and put them on the sewing machine.  I will definitely be able to use this machine for a long time.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  I also got an iron (can you believe I didn’t have one?) and an accessory for the sewing machine that allows me to transfer

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A Custom Way To Display Your Photos and Jewelry

After deciding to completely revamp my bulletin board, I quickly got started planning what I would do with it.  I drew up a sketch, headed to a craft store, and got to work!  

I started with some dark brown burlap, a spool of thick white ribbon, a spool of thin white ribbon, and some white thumb tacks to match the ribbon.  That was basically all I needed to create a one-of-a-kind corkboard.

I started by drying the burlap to get any wrinkles out of it.  Then I covered the entire board with the burlap and tacked it to the back.  You could use staples, too, but I already had plenty of tacks.  Then I took the thin ribbon and tacked one end to the back and stretched it diagonally across the board and pinned it to the back on the the opposite side. 

I then switched directions and weaved the ribbon under and over the previously laid ribbon.  Note, this picture has an error, the ribbons going horizontally should be weaved in

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DIY Custom Flats The Way You Like It

I looked through my shoe wardrobe a few weeks ago only to find many very basic shoes, mostly black.  While they are practical, sometimes I want something more to make an outfit more personal.  Girls just wanna have fun, right?  Well, shoes are fun to wear, but not if they are completely boring.  I found a pair of black flats that I had bought at Payless a couple years ago.  I had never worn them because they were shiny, which I tend to not like because sometimes it makes shoes look cheap (which they were).  I think I bought them for under ten dollars, but I decided that my money isn’t to be thrown away.  I was determined to make something of the black, boring shoes that had been sitting in my closet for way too long.

I came across this post at Make It and Love It and was hooked.  I don’t have a lot of money to use to buy new fabric constantly, so I looked to my custom bulletin board for inspiration.  Well, not even inspiration because I stole the fabric from the bulletin board to use on the shoes.  I still love the green polka-dotted fabric, which

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Three Rooms, Three Designs, One Cheap Craigslist Dresser

I often search Craigslist for inexpensive furniture, even though I have no need for any or any money to buy anything.  I just like to see what I could buy if I were looking to buy and what I could do with a piece once I bought it.  I realized that there is no rule that says I cannot imagine I am buying something now and recreating it, so I am going to present one Craigslist dresser I found for $50 in three imaginary rooms: a vintage-inspired bedroom, a child’s vibrant playroom, and a soulful luxurious bathroom.  All of these would be simple to recreate and easy on a budget.  All would look great in my imaginary rooms.  Here is the dresser:


Original Posting (may be removed)

Here are the three ways I would refinish the dresser according to the different imagined rooms. Keep in mind that they all involve three big changed: paint, drawer pulls and knobs, and drawer lining which can be decorative paper or wrapping paper that would be glued on using Mod Podge.  All of these would be fairly simple projects

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DIY Framed Inspirational Quote

So, remember when I mentioned my love for ornately carved frames? Well, apparently my roommate who is having the birthday this week likes them too. I picked up this cute light pink one at Home Goods for $7.99. Isn’t it cute?

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