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I Thought I Saw Fall Here, But It Left

Let me start this fairly negative, fairly lighthearted post by saying that I like to stay up a little later on the weekends (to about midnight) and it is very hard for me to sleep past eight in the morning because that is already an hour later than I normally get up during the week. My body has a well-oiled sleep cycle that doesn’t like to get tampered with. Well, last night I woke up to the most painful screeching sound I’ve ever heard. It was our fire alarm. Not my apartment’s fire alarm, but the whole building’s. When you hear it your first instinct is to jump out the window half because of your groggy sleepy brain but half because it hurts that bad to listen to. I threw on some warm clothes and my roommate and I ran out of the building. It was four in the morning.

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