Let me start this fairly negative, fairly lighthearted post by saying that I like to stay up a little later on the weekends (to about midnight) and it is very hard for me to sleep past eight in the morning because that is already an hour later than I normally get up during the week. My body has a well-oiled sleep cycle that doesn’t like to be tampered with. Well, last night I woke up to the most painful screeching sound I’ve ever heard. It was our fire alarm. Not my apartment’s fire alarm, but the whole building’s. When you hear it your first instinct is to jump out the window half because of your groggy sleepy brain but half because it hurts that bad to listen to. I threw on some warm clothes and my roommate and I ran out of the building. It was four in the morning.

When we got outside, we expected it to be about thirty degrees because that’s what it has been all week, but we got something even better. Can you sense the sarcasm yet? There was snow covering everything. Sure, it was only a light dusting, but it was snow. I’m a Minnesota girl, and sure snow makes me think of Christmas and warmth and love, but it’s only OCTOBER!!! And it’s not even late October, it’s October tenth! I think winter is a pretty time, sure, but knowing that it has started this early and will not end practically until May is not an easy thing to digest.

This was the view out of my window today. Look’s like they won’t be playing as much baseball here this weekend. Oh, and it’s our homecoming football game today…

And please tell me, aren’t the trees supposed to have lost their leaves before the first snowfall or at least have changed from green to orange or red? Nope, ninety percent of the trees outside have not even started changing. Why does anyone live here again?

That is the end of my rant. I know plenty of you in the warmer states would love more snow, but trust me, it gets very old. You get sick of crackling skin and runny noses very quickly. Plus, it is a very dangerous time of the year. It’s too soon for me to start thinking of Christmas when it’s not even Halloween, so these negative images are the only thing going through my mind.

To make this post productive I would like to ask how you would make the best out of this situation. Should I start caroling? Have a great weekend everyone, no matter what the weather is like!

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