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Obsession Alert: Antique Dressers

Earlier this week, I posted about my thrifty finds I purchased while doing some shopping at consignment stores.  My favorite stop was at an amazing consignment store selling furniture, purses, clothing, and home accessories called Kismet Consignment* located in Rochester, MN.  If you live in the area, you must check out this store if you haven’t yet.  My mom scored two large framed beveled mirrors for About $70 for the pair – what a deal!

The reason I’m sharing this is because I found an incredible piece of furniture there that I’m now obsessed with.  It was a tall dresser with two smaller drawers on top separated by a slab of marble with a small mirror in the middle.  My mom and I believe it had been a man’s dresser where he would keep his watch and would wash his hands and face in the morning in a washbowl.  I have no need for this kind of furniture (or any furniture for that matter) right now, but, you know me – I sure am dreaming about it!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I like vintage/antique pieces mixed in with more modern ones.  I

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Not Your Average Builder-Grade Door

I love solid wood doors of all shapes and size.  I especially love curved doors.  However, I have a feeling that many of the houses in my price range when it comes time to buy my first place will not have solid wood doors.  Or, perhaps maybe I will not like the doors and will want to change them somehow.  Although I am usually hesitant about doing permanent treatments on things that cannot be replaced easily (doors, windows, built-ins, etc), I have some fun inspiration to share with all of you.  Doors do not have to be something you open and close and think nothing more about – they can be the focal point in a room if they stand out, and boy do the following doors stand out!

black entry door on white

Little Green Notebook

Front doors are usually the easiest to change because they aren’t expected to be uniform with every door in the house, so people can really have fun changing them up.

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A Cheap Way to Add Color

Over the course of starting my blog and figuring out ways to spend my money to make my apartment look and feel good, I have been scouring websites, blogs, pictures, friend’s houses, and just about any other free resources to find cheap and easy ways to decorate.  When you aren’t allowed to paint or even nail artwork to the walls, color becomes a hard thing to inject into a room without having tons of different accessories of various colors grouped together which only make the rooms feel smaller.  One thing that I just realized is that there is a very simple and practical way to bring in color that is also functional – blankets. I usually see them used in a room to fit with the color scheme, but I don’t often think about bringing a blanket in to add to a color scheme.  I know designers do this, but in real homes where real people live and decorate, blankets are many times bought because people want to be warm or because they fit with a room’s color scheme. 

Now I’m thinking about going out to buy one to see what colors could be added to my bedroom at my

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The Best of Inspiration – 2009

This past year I have completely changed one aspect of my life.  I have always been obsessed passionate about decorating, but I had decided many years ago that there was no point in immersing myself in these things until I had a house of my own.  Well, I realized that was ridiculous because it is something I love.  I decided to look around, find inspiration, and just see where it led me.  If you haven’t noticed yet, it led me to blogging which is now something else I am very passionate about.

I thought I’d delve into my inspiration files and share some of my favorite photos that I found this year.  Now, before looking at all these, I want to preface this by saying that these photos are not the most amazing rooms I have ever seen.  I have seen some gorgeous rooms that I could add here, but the photos I normally save to my inspiration files are rooms I think I could actually incorporate into my home in the future, or ones that I could take elements from to recreate.  I see plenty of rooms that are spectacular, but that do not look like “home” to me and

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I’m Dreaming of A Purple Christmas

Last week I posted about blue Christmas decorating, but I’ve decided that blue is not my only favorite Christmas decorating color.  No, I have visions in my head of another kind of Christmas color scheme.  The blue, when paired my favorite way, with white, reminds me of a more contemporary Christmas with bright silver lights everywhere and remakes of classical Christmas songs playing in the background.  My other favorite color around Christmas time is a purple-y plum which reminds me of something completely different.  With plum colors, I think of candlelight, hot chocolate, and jazzy Christmas songs playing with golden light filling the room.  It’s a more classical Christmas color, but still removed from the traditional reds and greens.  Purple can still look contemporary like the blue can as well, but it’s very versatile.

Here it is as a more contemporary color (I suppose I consider it more contemporary if the purple is mixed with anything but a green tree):

Pink Frosting Flickr

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