Not Your Average Builder-Grade Door

I love solid wood doors of all shapes and size.  I especially love curved doors.  However, I have a feeling that many of the houses in my price range when it comes time to buy my first place will not have solid wood doors.  Or, perhaps maybe I will not like the doors and will want to change them somehow.  Although I am usually hesitant about doing permanent treatments on things that cannot be replaced easily (doors, windows, built-ins, etc), I have some fun inspiration to share with all of you.  Doors do not have to be something you open and close and think nothing more about – they can be the focal point in a room if they stand out, and boy do the following doors stand out!

black entry door on white

Little Green Notebook

Front doors are usually the easiest to change because they aren’t expected to be uniform with every door in the house, so people can really have fun changing them up.

windsor smith blue door casual living room Velvet and Linencitrus green door against black House to Home

turquoise living room turquoise door

Nuevo Estilo

Sometimes a white or stained door can break the feel of a room, so there is always the option to paint it the same color as the walls.

bedroom desk nook white door

Apartment Therapy

If you don’t have the money to replace your boring hollow run-of-the-mill doors, try attaching small strips of simple trim in a pattern like the photo above to add interest until you can afford the doors of your dreams.

fabric on door   Posie Gets Cozywallpaper on doors    Source Unknown

painted memo board closet doors


Closet doors are fun to change because they only attach to one room and are easier to change later on.  I think if anyone wants to spruce up a door but are afraid to attempt it on their regular doors, they should try it on a closet door or two to become more comfortable.


And if you’d like to completely start over and install a new door, look to these for some unique options.

sliding door - your home only better

Your Home Only Better

bulldog double door blue

Source Unknown

pottery barn split wooden door Pottery Barn

What is your favorite boring door solution?  Have you ever been creative with doors at your home? 

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2 comments to Not Your Average Builder-Grade Door

  • I love our yellow front door! It was boring white when we bought the house. I’m not quite as bold with color on the inside :)

  • Valerie

    I think doors should never be ignored! Especially the front door. It makes such a difference if it is treated special! It really greets your guests when they arrive.

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