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Weekend Review: Renaissance Festival

Over the weekend, San and I went to the Renaissance Festival. I don’t know if everyone is familiar with what that is, so I’ll explain it. It’s basically a place where people go to immerse themselves in the Medieval days. You buy a ticket and enter and suddenly it’s as if you are in another time. Tons of people are dressed up in Medieval clothing with corsets and the like. There are tons and tons of shops of things like pottery, paintings, kids toys, and other handmade things. There is also a ton of food and other festivities. Unfortunately it was very cold out, so I did not have the patience to take a bunch of pictures, or any for that matter. I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t, but I didn’t want one of the people there to ridicule me for using a camera, which definitely doesn’t fit with the time period (I’ve seen them do that to people

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My Neck of the Woods: Minnehaha Falls

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I had nothing better to do, so we drove over to Minnehaha Park. It’s a very nice park in Minneapolis that I have heard great things about but had never visited before. I don’t know why I don’t take advantage of more of the awesome attractions in the Twin Cities, especially when they are usually just minutes from where I live. Maybe the fact that I don’t have a car and have to wait for my boyfriend to lug me around?

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