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2010: More Dreams To Fulfill

2010 has now arrived and although I do not have too many new resolutions for the next year, I have big dreams for the next decade.  One of my favorite bloggers, Bryn Alexandra, wrote about her goals for the next decade, so I wanted to follow suit.  She has five years on me, but our goals are pretty similar.  If you read my post about creating a book of possibilities, then many of these will look familiar, but now I have a time frame to fit many of them into!DSCN4153 I am really hoping to keep blogging well into my marriage (which will not be happening for at least a couple years – I’m not even engaged yet), so that is something I hope I am still doing in ten years.  I love reading blogs about families, home renovations, cooking, and basically everything I already love to do but inside a marriage with kids running around while all the other stuff is going on.


I have been dreaming of my first house my

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Thanksgiving Review

I had an amazing Thanksgiving surrounded by family, full of love, with lots of food and game-playing.

   The decorations were simple but sweet.  My parent’s house is already filled with really warm and happy fall colors, so a little Thanksgiving decorating goes a long way.  Delicious pinwheels that will now be a staple for every Thanksgiving for years to come. This isn’t even a Thanksgiving decoration, but I love how elegant this wine bottle turned candle holder is.    See?  The decorations already fit in with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Review

Big Crafts In My Future

While I was on talking about my therapeutic cleaning yesterday, I posted this picture: What’s boring, dull, and bland all over?  Definitely my bulletin board.  I have big plans of reinventing it, but all week I have been trying to figure out what to do since I want to cover it with fabric in a more permanent fashion than last time but there is no way to remove the frame and reattach it later.  Today, I was impulsive and decided to just cut the corkboard out of the frame.

     Now I can either staple, tack, or tape the fabric to the back.  I think I will add some ribbon in a criss-cross pattern so that I don’t have to tack everything on and ruin pictures.  However, all

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Sewing Machine Success

I am so excited to share my sewing machine success with you!  If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I sewed a dress this summer with the help of my mom and her sewing machine and that I bought a sewing machine for two dollars at a garage sale without knowing if it really worked or not.  I had not used the sewing machine at all since I bought it because the bobbins my mom had were not the right size, so I didn’t know if it sewed properly.  Well, I got some bobbins for it and tried it out this weekend with much success.  Yes, I did use it on the floor and took a picture of how funny it looks to use the pedal that way.

DSCN4370I had to find the manual for it online.  It’s a Brother XL-3022.  The manual I found only had every other page, which was not helpful at all.  I found some directions online, however, which showed me how to load the bobbins and thread the needle.  Threading the bobbin was very confusing which

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A Pretty Poopy Friday

I’m having a pretty poopy Friday, but that is actually a good thing. You see, I refer to my dog in poo-related terms and for some reason it sounds really cute. His real name is Stewart Wallace which is a great name, but I always default to Poo-Poo, Poopy Boy, or Poopers. I’ve spent the day lounging with him on my lap, my laptop on the armrest of the big leather chair, and magazines within an arm’s reach. Now this is the life. I think Poopers thinks so too, see?

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