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Neighborhood Tour: West River Parkway

This week San and I headed to the other side of the Mississippi River over to West River Parkway in Minneapolis. The neighborhood around here was much different than the houses on the east side which I toured here and here. These houses seem more cottage-like and are overall much smaller than the houses featured last week. I loved this neighborhood because it seems like the perfect place to start a family: in a small house with lots of trees and plants in a cozy little neighborhood full of other starting families. Let’s start the tour!

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Neighborhood Tour: Second Day in Highland

I hope you all saw yesterday’s post about St. Paul’s Highland neighborhood. If not, please check it out before reading this one. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss the goodies the first half had to

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Neighborhood Tour: Highland Along The Mississippi

I have decided since my last neighborhood tour that I would like to make this some sort of installment on my blog. I don’t know if it will be every week or every other week, it all kind of depends on when I get to spend time with my boyfriend, San, because he has the wheels. I really like touring neighborhoods though and I think people like reading about them, so whenever I can I will be sure to blog about

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Inspiration Everywhere I Look

I am a small town girl, born and raised, but I chose to go to college in the Twin Cities. It wasn’t the easiest adjustment moving here two years ago, but the area my school is in is absolutely gorgeous, which made the transition a little less hard. I went for a walk with my boyfriend this week to look at all the amazing houses along historic Summit Avenue. It’s about the only place around here that has houses with what I would consider real yards. There are tons of different architectural styles on every block and all sorts of people walking (but usually jogging) along the sidewalks. It’s one of my favorite places to be because it is a little more like home with the trees and nice people, but still doesn’t compare to farm

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Historical Towns Have Stolen My Heart

This summer, San (the boyfriend) and I went on a mini-vacation to Galena, Illinois. It’s a tiny historical town with a main street full of the cutest shops. I had been there before and thought it would be a perfect little getaway for us because we don’t see each other very often in the

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