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Homemade Weekend Good Eats

This weekend was full of some good eats since my mom is one amazing cook.  Sometimes the food was so good that I forgot to take a second and snap a photo, but the ones I did get pictures of should give you a good picture of how amazing her food is.

My first night home, I was greeted with the delicious fettuccini with sausage and peppers, one of my personal favorites.


For dinner the next night I had a delicious chicken cordon bleu sandwich on ciabatta bread.  My mom made her own version of this this summer based on a Rachael Ray recipe.  It was paired with some sweet and sour cabbage which was soooo good!  Not pictured is the apple crisp she made for dessert.



Saturday for lunch we headed to a delicious barbeque joint called John Hardy’s.  I don’t have a picture of that, but I had a pork plate with their amazing JoJo potatoes, some corn, and

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See Salt, Will Eat

Before my boyfriend and I pranced around Minnehaha Park we visited a cool little restaurant that had our pallates buzzing for the rest of the day. Sea Salt Eatery was located right in the park. It had indoor and outdoor seating and just a really cool vibe. I imagine that a real seafood place along the ocean would have the same vibe as this place. The staff there were really nice and fun. It was a very casual place with all sorts of people coming and going. Even dogs came and went since it was in the middle of a pet-friendly park. They even had water dishes outside the doors. I thought that was really

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Last Night Dinner

Okay, so now I really don’t want to leave! Look what I got for supper:

Homemade pizza! My mom has been perfecting her pizza for many years. She makes a special crust now with special flour imported from Italy. She’s a phenomenal cook, and I am so lucky. Why am I leaving again?

Luckily, my priorities are in the right place and I have decided that an education is worth more than good home cooking (although I do cook for myself at school, it’s never as good as eating at home), but once I graduate, it’s back to my hometown (at least for a while, I hope) where I can mooch off my mom’s good cooking as much as possible! I guess that’s something to look foward to, right?

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