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Think About It Thursday: Tackling the Bedroom Bookcase Head On: Part Two

Have you ever noticed how sometimes what you think is the root of the problem is only half of what is wrong?  I learned that this week when I started to spruce up my bedroom bookcase.  When I would walk into the room, I thought the arrangement of the stuff on the shelves was the problem with my eye being drawn to the bookcase, but I was very wrong.  I styled the bookcase the best that I could but I learned that some serious rearrangement needed to occur to fix what was wrong with the room because the real problem was that the bookcase just didn’t belong where it was.  It looked like a dark void the second I entered the room and even the world’s best shelf organizer couldn’t repair it in the way it needed.

But, before we get too far into it, let’s look at what I picked up on my thrift/bargain shopping extravaganza.  I headed to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, Dollar Tree, and Walmart.  My original plan was to fill the shelves with decorative baskets to add texture while also hiding the books and making the bookcase seem more fit for a bedroom.  I was thinking something

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A Cheap Way to Add Color

Over the course of starting my blog and figuring out ways to spend my money to make my apartment look and feel good, I have been scouring websites, blogs, pictures, friend’s houses, and just about any other free resources to find cheap and easy ways to decorate.  When you aren’t allowed to paint or even nail artwork to the walls, color becomes a hard thing to inject into a room without having tons of different accessories of various colors grouped together which only make the rooms feel smaller.  One thing that I just realized is that there is a very simple and practical way to bring in color that is also functional – blankets. I usually see them used in a room to fit with the color scheme, but I don’t often think about bringing a blanket in to add to a color scheme.  I know designers do this, but in real homes where real people live and decorate, blankets are many times bought because people want to be warm or because they fit with a room’s color scheme. 

Now I’m thinking about going out to buy one to see what colors could be added to my bedroom at my

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What is your chair clone?


I was looking through my inspiration files and came upon this chair that is always in the back of my mind.  I started thinking about why I like it: it’s sleek lines, it’s simplicity, it’s fun polka dots, and it’s beautiful crisp blue color.  I started thinking that maybe I like it so much because it kind of reminds me of me.  It’s my chair clone.  First of all, it’s polka dotted, just like my freckly-redheaded-pale-can-you-even-call-this-ivory skin.  Not only that though, but the polka dots are very quirky for such a simple chair and are definitely not what you would expect from such a sophisticated chair.  I don’t think I am sophisticated necessarily, but I think when people meet me they expect a very quiet, innocent, young girl, which I can be a times, but around people who know me best I never shut up, I say weird things, I am random, and I just like to laugh.  I definitely like simplicity much of the time, but once in a while its nice to color my world in polka dots and see what happens, you

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