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3 Ways To Keep The Holiday Warmth During the New Year

I don’t know about you, but I find packing up all of the holiday decorations sad.  It is hard for me to let go of the happiness and warmth that comes along with Christmas decor.  I have come up with three simple ways to remedy this sadness by finding ways to keep the warmth of the holiday season to signify that winter is still here without any Santa, snowmen, or garland decorations looming after they’ve worn out their welcome.

DSC_02021. Keep the scents of the holiday seasons diffusing through your home.  I have heard that smells trigger memory better than anything else.  Nothing says warmth and winter more for me than the scents of pumpkin pie spice, warm vanilla, cinnamon, and cranberry.  Many times the smell of your house can contribute to the overall “feel” just as much as the design scheme.  If you want your home to feel cozy, warm, and wintery, keep your favorite scents in the house until spring emerges.  You can bake cookies from time to time to keep the smell going or light some candles.  I think this can really add to

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2010: More Dreams To Fulfill

2010 has now arrived and although I do not have too many new resolutions for the next year, I have big dreams for the next decade.  One of my favorite bloggers, Bryn Alexandra, wrote about her goals for the next decade, so I wanted to follow suit.  She has five years on me, but our goals are pretty similar.  If you read my post about creating a book of possibilities, then many of these will look familiar, but now I have a time frame to fit many of them into!DSCN4153 I am really hoping to keep blogging well into my marriage (which will not be happening for at least a couple years – I’m not even engaged yet), so that is something I hope I am still doing in ten years.  I love reading blogs about families, home renovations, cooking, and basically everything I already love to do but inside a marriage with kids running around while all the other stuff is going on.


I have been dreaming of my first house my

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Home For The Holidays Tour: Part Two

Here is the second half of my parent’s house.  We left off at the master bathroom.  To view the first half, go here.

DSC_0165 DSC_0166 All of the tile work in the entire house was done by my dad.  He is a carpenter and can do just about anything house-related.  He is very handy.  There is a clear shower door which swings out and a nice jetted spa tub next to the shower with two huge windows above.  Now, you can really see that we live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods.

DSC_0168    DSC_0172DSC_0174DSC_0177    All of the cabinetry on the main floor of the house is the same, as you will see in the

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Home For The Holidays Tour: Part One

I am finally home after a very stressful week and cannot wait to show all of you my parents’ house.  My mom is a great decorator and has been since I was a little girl.  I am sure I got my passion for it from her.  The one thing that stands out in my mind about Christmas was how amazing our house always looked during Christmas, no matter how stressful the time was or how little family was coming over.  My mom loves the holiday season and always goes all-out in her decorating.  I thought now would be a perfect time to give everyone a tour of my real home, when the house is shining in all of its Christmas glory.

After taking all the photos of the house, I realized my mom has a few rules she stands by when decorating for the holidays.  #1 – Work the holiday decor in with your regular decor.  If any of your accessories can be Christmas-ified, than by all means go for it.  It saves you money and time looking for all new accessories.  #2 – Little hints of Christmas decorations go a long way, especially when spread throughout the house.  There are

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Awesome Blog Alert: House of Turquoise

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across what seemed like an ordinary blog, but within minutes I realized that this blog was made for me. Erin over at House of Turquoise started this blog to collect photos of her favorite color, you guessed it, turquoise, and all the shades of blue like it. I have always liked blue, but I never knew that I actually secretly loved it until I started collecting photos of rooms as inspiration. The photos I have collected online and in books and magazines have one thing in common in probably at least fifty percent of them: the color blue. I love it and am obviously drawn to it without even knowing it. I have never seen the ocean, but I dream of it, and I am constantly in awe of how beautiful the sky can be with all of its varying shades of blue and gray. I love mostly lighter shades of blue and turquoise because they are serene, bright, and also fun. It’s a great backdrop for many different accent colors which makes it versatile, but it also can really stand out and take center stage.

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