Awesome Blog Alert: House of Turquoise

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across what seemed like an ordinary blog, but within minutes I realized that this blog was made for me. Erin over at House of Turquoise started this blog to collect photos of her favorite color, you guessed it, turquoise, and all the shades of blue like it. I have always liked blue, but I never knew that I actually secretly loved it until I started collecting photos of rooms as inspiration. The photos I have collected online and in books and magazines have one thing in common in probably at least fifty percent of them: the color blue. I love it and am obviously drawn to it without even knowing it. I have never seen the ocean, but I dream of it, and I am constantly in awe of how beautiful the sky can be with all of its varying shades of blue and gray. I love mostly lighter shades of blue and turquoise because they are serene, bright, and also fun. It’s a great backdrop for many different accent colors which makes it versatile, but it also can really stand out and take center stage. I hope you will all go visit Erin’s blog if you haven’t already because it truly is one of a kind. I’m amazed daily but all the beautiful rooms she finds. Here are some of my favorites so far (and there are plenty more where that came from).

What do you think? Do you love blue as much as I do? If not, Erin also blogs about other colors which you can find here. She really has an eye for color, which shows in every blog she runs. Plus, she lives in the Twin Cities too, so she already has something over all of my other favorites (just kidding – it is pretty cool, though). So please, check out her blog and just see if she doesn’t get you hooked like she did with me.

Also, I want to know what color you cannot live without. If you had to only decorate with one color (and all its varying shades) which would it be and what do you like about that color?

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