Pink Rose-Inspired College Bedroom

Lately I’ve been inspired by pink, green, and blue, which are also the colors in my bedroom at college. I was looking around online and came across this image at Overstock.

I decided to create a whole college bedroom around this artwork. I wanted it to be bright and airy to match the picture and also because the weather in Minnesota lately has been very dark and dreary. I really love how it turned out. I tried to find everything fairly cheap and some parts of it are DIY, which I will explain later in the post.

Here’s a rundown of everything:

Total: $460.01

Then, the desk is painted Koala Bear by Behr which is a light shade of gray. The clear panels in each of the dresser drawers are covered with a pink striped fabric and a blue polka-dot fabric. So, the total would be a little more with the fabric and paint factored in, but not much to make a difference. I figure the person would have a bed provided or could rent one for fairly cheap.

What do you think of this part budget-friendly part-DIY dorm room? What did your room look like when you were twenty?

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5 comments to Pink Rose-Inspired College Bedroom

  • Shag gets such a bad rap, I love it though. :)

    When I was 20, I lived in a basement with my husband. One half was moldy due to rain coming in so we were constantly sick. While the other half was two rooms and a bathroom that I did my best to paint and put up a border (it looked awful but this was pre-internet days and I didn’t know any better.) I only found out later that our bedroom, later turned living room, was the scene of the previous owner shooting herself. Talk about a depressing start in life! I love your room though! It is so bright and non-depressing! :)

  • Sarah


    I don’t usually like shag, but I thought it was fun and added some texture.

    Wow, what a rough start into adulthood! I can’t believe the previous owner shot herself where you were living! That’s so sad! I guess I asked though, right?


  • Valerie

    I love the color combo very calming pallet. The shag rug is great really adds to the coziness feeling also agree it adds texture. I might spread more pink around in maybe a pillow or something. It looks young and fresh and calming. Good job. I lived in a very small house with the smallest kitchen. The bed had to be against one wall and the closet had no door and was a bout two foot across.Luckily I did not own much back then. I painted the Living room celery green (pale green pastel) and wallpapered for the first time the kitchen this large yellow flowered wallpaper. It only had wall enough for three strips of wall paper. The cabinets all two of them were old white metal.But in good shape. I thought it was beautiful, it was my first house. We went on to remodel it so it was a lot more functional and attractive even if it was terribly small and it turned out nice for a small house. Needless to say the large yellow flowered wall paper came down and the kitchen got a melon orange color paint and one tiny wall where the kitchen table barely fit I wall papered with a small strip with different shades of the tangerine melon colored paint. It was very nice looking (I also got new cabinets and one more of them for a very small functional U shaped kitchen. Good memories I enjoyed the house and all the changes we made.

  • I would have loved a dorm room this pretty when I was in college! It’s so bright and cheery.

  • That’s me, always giving away more information than one wants to know. :)

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