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Big Crafts In My Future

While I was on talking about my therapeutic cleaning yesterday, I posted this picture: What’s boring, dull, and bland all over?  Definitely my bulletin board.  I have big plans of reinventing it, but all week I have been trying to figure out what to do since I want to cover it with fabric in a more permanent fashion than last time but there is no way to remove the frame and reattach it later.  Today, I was impulsive and decided to just cut the corkboard out of the frame.

     Now I can either staple, tack, or tape the fabric to the back.  I think I will add some ribbon in a criss-cross pattern so that I don’t have to tack everything on and ruin pictures.  However, all

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Bundles Of Furball Love In The House


Pickle on a tractor

I have always been an animal lover.  Ever since I was really little, I’ve been surrounded by cats and dogs, as well as cattle, a burro, chickens, goats, ducks, rabbits, and raccoons (my dad rescued some that lost their mother).  I only had one cat and one dog in the house before, though, and not at the same time because Star, the cat pictured below (who died last December) couldn’t stand not being in the spotlight 24//7 and started spraying all over the house once we got Stewart.IMG_0815 Me three (oh my gosh I’m getting old) years ago with Star

So I have lived with cat and dog fur on all of my belongings, but the reason behind this post, my boyfriend San, has never had a pet before besides a fish.  He has talked to his roommate and they have decided it is okay for San to buy a cat (and his apartment facility said it’s okay, too).  I told him to stick with a cat, even

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