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Two Craigslist Finds Turned Fabulous: Inspiration Board

With all the snow around me and all the extra time on my hands since I don’t go back to school until the beginning of February, I seem to be feeling a little down that I can’t spend much time outdoors.  All this winter makes me truly appreciate the spring and summer.  I decided to catch a few moments of springtime happiness by creating a spring-inspired dining room inspiration board which includes the two main pieces of the room (the table and buffet) found on Craigslist.  I wanted the room to feel completely feminine, fresh, and happy with lots of bold bright colors. 

I started with this great solid wood buffet for $150.

image In my imagination, I painted it Benjamin Moore’s Fuchsine.

image Then I found this solid oak round pedestal table that can be extended into a long oval for $300 with a set of five chairs, which I did not include in the design plan.

image This table would be painted Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White, or any other white that would look good with the rest of the items.

image Here is the complete board:


To the buffet, I decided to add depression pink square glass knobs to make it even more feminine and glamorous. 

The artwork for the room is a free vintage print from Vintage Printable which brings in the blue that I wanted to add as well as being really unique, gorgeous, and my favorite part – free!  I brought more blue in with this insanely gorgeous blue rectangular rug which I think goes really great with the fuchsia of the buffet.

Above the table would hang a gorgeous yet affordable crystal chandelier, and around the table you would find some light blue/gray parsons chairs to add more glitz.

To keep things simple, the only other element I added was an ornately carved mirror to bounce light around.

I would gladly add all of the elements to a dining room of my own, but I know any man I know would steer clear from this place.  I think it’s a bit too bad that I love such feminine decor because my boyfriend, San, stays ten feet away from anything that even slightly resembles a curve or anything with even a speck of a jewel tone.  I’ve got plenty of time to talk him out of that, though. I’m hoping to do an inspiration board in the future blending his and my styles to see what will happen and if it can actually be done.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, what do you think of this room?  Do you like the color combination or does it make you turn the other way?  Does your style lean more towards the feminine or masculine side of the spectrum, or do you fall right in the middle?

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