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How Not to Move in 4 Ridiculous Steps

One thing I’ve learned during the lifelong analysis I’ve done of my own life is that I have learned how not to do a lot of things.  I’ve made many mistakes, I’ve seen others make many mistakes, and I have tried to learn from them.  One thing I have not learned from, however, is moving.  I have moved so many times in the past four years that one would think I would have it down by now.  I moved from my parent’s old house to a trailer while we were finishing our new house during my senior year of high school.  Following my graduation, we moved from the trailer to the new house.  Three months later, I moved to college for the first time.  I then moved home for January and back up for spring semester and back down for summer.  I repeated that process for two more years and now I am back during my junior year packing to go home for my last summer before my senior year.  I should have it down, right?


I have come up with four steps for how not to move so maybe you can take something from this.  If I’m going to be

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