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Think About it Thursdays: Are You a Frugal Fashionista?

As a  child, my dad and I would go garage saling in search for the best deals.  I would come home with all sorts of things – cds, books, games, toys, jewelry – but there is one thing I wouldn’t go near: clothes.  I loved buying everything else secondhand in good condition at outrageously low prices, but no matter how much my dad tried to persuade me to look at the clothes, I wouldn’t budge.  Boy, am I kicking myself now!  Now that I am buying 100% of my clothes I realize how expensive they are.  I wish I could go back because buying secondhand clothing would have saved my parents a good amount of money (sorry Mom and Dad!).

Even after I started hitting up stores like Goodwill and Savers for decor items during the past year or so, I still would steer clear of the clothing.  Over time, however, I started to realize that making money isn’t easy and although I like clothes, they are too expensive to buy brand new at full price or even sale prices.  I asked myself if the clothes I was buying were really worth full price when I could buy equally nice clothes

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