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From Rust to Chalk & Major Room Reveal

I am excited to finally show off my room looking the way I’ve wanted it to all school year!  You already saw the photo grouping last week and may have seen the room tour I wrote about when I first moved in last September.  Trust me, it’s come a long way, but without spending a lot of money and by being creative and settling with what I can afford.

What really makes the room, in my opinion, are the little details that I made myself (which you will see further down).  The ultimate project I couldn’t wait to finish was a pair of frames turned into chalkboards.  I initially thought I was going to use this huge round mirror I posted about a while ago to paint and turn into a chalkboard while painting the wood it’s on a fun color.  I quickly realized that it was too large to fit anywhere, the mirror was glued on and a pain to remove, and I then decided I wanted a magnetic chalkboard while refusing to use magnetic paint, which meant I had to buy metal to paint with chalkboard paint.

Luckily, I only paid a small amount for that mirror and was given

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Vintage Paint Colors

I have been moving all of the photos in my inspiration folders saved on my hard drive to Photobucket in order to save space on my computer – I don’t see the amount of photos decreasing any time soon, the opposite is true.  I am writing descriptions for each photo telling where I found it (if I recorded it) and what I like about the photo so I don’t have to guess in the future.  I came across this photo of vintage paint colors I had saved a while back that I found at 1912 Bungalow.

I am drawn to the first two rows across the most, especially the top two in the left corner.  This just confirms that I love incorporating vintage elements with more modern because I am drawn to these paint colors!  Although, I must be honest, I have seen a lot of the colors I am drawn to in this photo in rooms that have been designed recently, so I’m not the only one using colors from the past (although I don’t think any color itself gets old – just the way we use it

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Not Your Average Builder-Grade Door

I love solid wood doors of all shapes and size.  I especially love curved doors.  However, I have a feeling that many of the houses in my price range when it comes time to buy my first place will not have solid wood doors.  Or, perhaps maybe I will not like the doors and will want to change them somehow.  Although I am usually hesitant about doing permanent treatments on things that cannot be replaced easily (doors, windows, built-ins, etc), I have some fun inspiration to share with all of you.  Doors do not have to be something you open and close and think nothing more about – they can be the focal point in a room if they stand out, and boy do the following doors stand out!

black entry door on white

Little Green Notebook

Front doors are usually the easiest to change because they aren’t expected to be uniform with every door in the house, so people can really have fun changing them up.

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Home Room

After packing up all of my crap and hauling it out, I realized my room looked pretty good. Sad isn’t it? It looks good when I’m not living there anymore. But, I’m over it. I took a bunch of pictures and thought I would share

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