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My Crafty Pseudo-Silhouette Artwork

I’ll admit – I’m definitely one of those people on board with the silhouette craze that’s been going around.  I’ve been wanting to do my own silhouettes for a while, but something has always been stopping me.  You see, I don’t like to jump on bandwagons, even when I really do love something and it doesn’t appeal to me only because others have been doing it.  I did the whole chalkboard thing, which I really do love, but as much as I wanted to do some silhouette art, I just couldn’t make myself.  Plus, even if I did do it, I would feel cheap blogging about it because we’ve all been there done that, it seems.  If you have blogged about it or are going to blog about it – don’t take this as a stab to you.  I still love reading about it, but for me I personally wanted to do something a little different.

I have a gorgeous blue frame my wonderful boyfriend bought me for my birthday last year after I hinted and nudged him like crazy about it while in one of my favorite stores, Patina.  It holds a 5×7 photo and the only photo I had that I liked enough to put in it was of San and I at our senior prom, but to be honest it was not my favorite.  Now that I’m back in my room at my parent’s house, I decided to do a little photo makeover.

One of my favorite photos of San and I is from his uncle’s wedding last year (before I chopped my hair off).  It’s funny, cute, and just like us (or at least like him – I like a little too normal in the photo).  You can see it below:


I only had it in 4×6, which looked okay even with the extra space around it, but the background of the picture was really throwing everything off.  I went a little scissors-crazy and made a pseudo-silhouette piece of art using the cut up picture, some diamond pattern scrapbook paper I picked up at a garage sale a couple weeks ago, and three red and pink hearts made from some colored paper.  I didn’t even tape or glue anything together.  I just laid everything where I wanted it, closed the frame, and I was good to go!


I am loving it!  I really wanted to add a fortune (like from fortune cookies), but I didn’t have one that would relate to the picture.  I’ll have to eat out more until I can find one! DSC_0622 It’s sitting on a little table/desk in my room now.  It makes me so much happier to look at it now than it did when it was boring and normal.  I have a quirky streak in me that I like to show off every now and then.  I usually try to keep it contained, but after lugging boxes back and forth all weekend, my brain needed to unleash its inner quirkiness.  I am quite pleased with what I came up with!  It’s like a little scrapbook page in a frame, which I am obviously not the first person to do, but it was a first for me and I am proud!

Do you ever have fun with your frames and do things a little out of the ordinary?

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3 comments to My Crafty Pseudo-Silhouette Artwork

  • How cute! I absolutely love it! It IS quirky, in a fun and good way. It actually looks a little pop-art-ish, too. Love it!


  • Val

    I love it, it is sooooo cute! It does look like pop art to me too. I haven’t tried anything like this. Definitely makes me think of the possibilities though!~

  • Kim

    Adorable! Love the way you found a paper that coordinates so well with the frame. I can totally see why it makes you happy to look at it — it’s happy from the colors to the photo :-)

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